The Best Tomato Recipes for Summer Satisfaction

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Anyone who has craved a BLT in the winter knows the sadness of biting into a winter tomato. It looks like a tomato, but has none of the sweet, juicy flavor of summer's most wonderful bounty. 

As soon as those Early Girls start to blush, we start collecting our best tomato recipes. Pasta sauce, pizzas, salads, baked tomatoes, you name it - we've gotta cram in as many dishes as we can!

If you're a tomato fan, you understand.

If you're not a tomato fan, we can only say - not yet. Because when you taste the glory of a summer tomato, you'll understand what you've been missing.

Try them in our best tomato recipes!

1. Roasted Zucchini and Tomato Crostini

Simple and perfect, this crostini is a great party appetizer. Or, enjoy it as a light lunch or dinner.

2. Bacon Tomato Pasta Salad

Tomatoes are a key part of any pasta salad. We love the bacon in this one!

3. Baked Goat Cheese with Harissa

This baked goat cheese with harissa is an unexpected starter you won't be able to stop eating. It's ridonkulously good.

4. Warm Spinach Stir Fry

This vegetarian stir fry adds cherry tomatoes for pops of juicy flavor in each bite. Try it with different varieties for a beautiful dish!

5. Caprese Tarts

No tomato season can go by without some caprese. Enjoy this twist on a classic that uses puff pastry!

6. Cucumber Tomato Salad

So simple and refreshing, this cucumber tomato salad will appear on your menu over and over.

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