17 Dairy Free Recipes That Will Make Cows Very Happy

Matt R.

We have good news for cows around the world:

You may no longer be needed! You may soon be free to graze and sleep and just relax all day.

Below, we've listed a number of dairy free recipes that will satisfy those who don't want milk or cheese in their diet.

Follow the directions listed here and let's give those cows a break, shall we?

1. Dairy Free Cheesecake Recipe

Dairy Free Cheesecake is a great dairy free treat you'll be smitten with. Can also be made ahead and frozen.

2. Dairy Free Mocha Frappe Recipe

This dairy free mocha frappe recipe makes for a delightful snack. Pay close attention, lactose free readers!

3. Hawaiian Macaroni Salad Recipe

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad is gluten and dairy free. You'd never know it, though. It's packed with flavor!

4. Glass Noodles Recipe

Glass Noodles make a fun and easy side dish to your Asian stir fry. They're also great as a cold salad lunch box filler.

5. Gluten Free Coconut Cookies Recipe

Coconutty Gluten Free Coconut Cookies make snack time delicious. We love 'em.

6. Gluten Free Peanut Butter Fudge Balls Recipe

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Fudge Balls are super quick and easy to make. These adorable little snacks are perfect for an afternoon...

7. Gluten Free Skillet Blackberry Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Skillet Blackberry Cake couldn't be easier. Just mix, bake, and enjoy!

8. Paleo Blueberry Thumbprints Recipe

Paleo Blueberry Thumbprints are a chewy cookie with a magical blueberry filling. And pretty good for you!

9. Mango Coconut Pudding Recipe

Mango Coconut Pudding is sweet, dairy free, and totally gorgeous. A total winner.

10. Coconut Flour Cookies Recipe

Coconut flour cookies are chewy and delicious, just like you'd expect them to be. They'll also cure that chocolate chip cookie...

11. Vegan Croissants Recipe

Vegan Croissants are great for breakfast or with soup for lunch. So many ways!

12. Bruschetta Chicken Skillet Recipe

This bruschetta chicken skillet? It's amazing. Not only is it cooked up in one pan, it's elegant, delicious, and sure to be a favorite.

13. Vegan Chocolate Frosting Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Frosting takes only 10 minutes to pull together. You've got to try this!

14. Fried Almonds with Thyme Recipe

Fried Almonds with Thyme are a fabulous snack if you have guests or the afternoon munchies. Vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, and dairy free!

15. Beet Cookies Recipe

Beet Cookies are a sweet way to get one of the healthiest vegetables into your dessert. You absolutely must try these!

16. Gluten Free Baked Ziti Recipe

Gluten Free Baked Ziti will knock your socks off with its dairy free Parmesan-style creamy sauce. You absolutely must try this!

17. Vegan Cookie Dough Brownie Pancakes Recipe

Vegan Cookie Dough Brownie Pancakes are a healthy, chocolate, cookie dough pancake. Yes, please!

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