Grilled Herb Hummus Chicken Kebabs Recipe

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Grilled Herb Hummus Chicken Kebabs challenge the notion that hummus is just for dipping. It makes a great marinade too!

Today I am challenging your brain to break FREE of its notions on hummus being only a dip.

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Not that there is anything wrong with dipping some chips or carrots in a big, creamy batch of cilantro jalapeno hummus or anything but I want us to get back to those childhood imaginations that I know live way deep down inside our overworked adult brains and think about COOKING with hummus.

There is a time and a place for dipping, but charry-herby and FLAVORFUL hummus crusted chicken skewers are NOT that time.

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Truth be told, I think that you might even like using your hummus as a marinade BETTER than using it as a dip.

It adds this creamy, rich texture to an otherwise lackluster marinade and it kind of crisps up as the grill flames kiss it in this way that is JUST DANG GOOD.

Chicken AND hummus together on one stick. Who knew?

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The beauty of these grilled herb hummus chicken kebabs is that they are VRY VRY versatile.

You could use it to add some fresh and herb-a-licious (word?) flavor to a shaved Brussels Sprouts grain bowl or a sweet potato power bowl OR you can eat them right off the skewer, no additions required.

Just go to town on a little extra dip and you will be one happy food-eating-person.

Versatile chicken dinners my internet friends. We know they are always winners.

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Let’s talk about the marinade because, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to RLY RLY like it and start wondering what other things you can use it on.

The key features are:

  • Mint
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
  • Lemon juice
  • Extra tahini
  • Chicken broth

So, it’s basically tangy, zesty, fresh and herby and has this PUNCH of creamy tahini goodness that gets the tahini freak inside of me so excited that this gets to go into my belly.

File 1 - Grilled Herb Hummus Chicken Kebabs

Think of it kind of like green goddess dressing. Except, you know, with the yumminess that is hummus and tahini. I mean, HOW CAN THAT BE BAD?

It’s the kind of marinade/dip/dressing situation that you will want to make extra of so that you can drizzle it over pretty much everything that you plan to eat for the rest of eternity.

Not even an exaggeration, it is that good and you should always some in your refrigerator to add some serious yum to everything you put in your mouth forever.

If you’re feeling extra inventive you could be bold and use roasted garlic hummus to add a little extra punchy garlic flavor or you can keep it traditional and use a classic kinda hummus.

Honestly, you could probably use almost any other flavor of hummus that you have on hand because there really is no such thing as a bad hummus choice, you feel me?

File 2 - Grilled Herb Hummus Chicken Kebabs

What can I serve with Hummus Chicken Kebabs?

If you don’t want to eat the chicken by itself some good side ideas would be:

  • Cauliflower Rice
  • Couscous
  • Sautéed spinach with lots of garlic
  • Baked sweet potato (topped with extra hummus sauce!)

Boom! Compl-EAT meal kinda magic coming to a summer night near you.

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Grilled Herb Hummus Chicken Kebabs Recipe

    4 Servings


  • 2/3 cup Fresh Cilantro, loosely packed
  • 1/2 cup Hummus, (Classic-style)
  • 1/2 cup Fresh Mint, loosely packed
  • 1/4 cup Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth
  • 2 tablespoons Tahini Paste
  • 2 tablespoons Fresh Parsley, tightly packed
  • 2 teaspoons Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon Sea Salt
  • 1 pound Chicken, cut into one-inch cubes


  1. Place everything, except the chicken, into a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy, stopping to scrape down the sides as necessary. You should end up with about 1 cup of marinade.
  2. Set aside half the marinade for later and pour the rest into a large bowl. Stir in the chicken, cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours up to overnight.
  3. Heat your grill to medium high heat and skewer the chicken.* Grill for 2-3 minutes per side (a total of 8-12 minutes) or until no longer pink inside.
  4. Serve with the extra sauce for dipping and garnish with more fresh mint and cilantro.
  5. DEVOUR.


  • If using bamboo skewers, make sure to soak them in water for at least 1 hour!


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Recipe Yields:
4 servings
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Author: Taylor Kiser
Recipe Yields: 4 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes

Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Recipe 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 67
Calories 227

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 8g
  Saturated Fat 2g
Sodium 253mg
Total Carbohydrate 8g
  Dietary Fiber 2g
  Sugars 0g
Protein 26g

* Percent Daily Value are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
** Nutrition Facts are estimated based on ingredients and data provided by Fat Secret. Please consult a doctor if you have special dietary needs.
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