24 Best Bourbon Recipes of All-Time

Matt R.

Please forgive our possibly hyperbolic title above.

We cannot, for certain, say that what follows are the 24 best bourbon recipes in the history of the universe.

But we can say we've tried them all, we love them all and we confidently recommend them all to anyone who likes bourbon.

We hope that's enough...

1. Apple Bourbon Bellini Recipe

Apple Bourbon Bellini is a new twist on a cocktail for the fall. The apple puree makes the drink especially delicious.

2. Rye and Cider Cocktail Recipe

Rye and Cider Cocktail uses good rye whiskey and apple cider. Cardamom bitters make this drink really special.

3. Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Milkshakes Recipe

Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Milkshakes combine three greats: cherries, vanilla, and bourbon. What could be better?

4. Bourbon Peach Galette Recipe

Bourbon Peach Galette has sweet brown sugar and a touch of bourbon. The best dessert for summer.

5. Stone Fruit Cobbler with Bourbon Recipe

Stone Fruit Cobbler with Bourbon smells amazing while it cooks. You'll hardly be able to wait!

6. Bourbon Sour with Lemon & Rosemary Recipe

Bourbon Sour with Lemon & Rosemary is a fantastic drink for these chilly months. A great drink with friends!

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