19 Grilling Recipes That Will Satisfy the Whole Family

Matt R.

Ah, summer.

There's no school, there's extra daylight and there are more opportunities than ever before to leave the kitchen behind.

That's right: it's time to grill!

Below, we've compiled 19 of our favorite recipes to put to good barbecue use. Sit back, scroll around and enjoy!

1. Coffee Rubbed Steak Recipe

Coffee Rubbed Steak will fire up your taste buds with mix of spices. Espresso and cocoa powder give the rub an eclectic kick.

2. Easy Lemon Grilled Chicken Recipe

Easy Lemon Grilled Chicken is so easy to prepare. Marinate, grill, and enjoy!

3. Garlic Rosemary Grilled Potatoes Recipe

Garlic Rosemary Grilled Potatoes are a great accompaniment to many main dishes. You'll make them again and again!

4. Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich will remind you of the days of summer. Filled with amazing flavor.

5. Blackened Chicken Pasta Recipe

Blackened Chicken Pasta highlights the spicy flavors from Louisiana. Delicious for your family or company.

6. Grilled Baby Back Ribs Recipe

Grilled Baby Back Ribs will be your new favorite cookout food. So, so good.

7. Taco Burger Recipe

Taco Burger just took your barbecue to the next level. A burger with a taco twist!

8. Hot Brown Turkey Burger Recipe

Hot Brown Turkey Burger is great for grilling season. Enjoy this Kentucky Derby classic as a burger!

9. Grilled Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Grilled Brussels Sprouts couldn't be more delicious. Full of flavor, spice, and a little kick!

10. Grilled Salmon with Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Grilled Salmon with Pineapple Salsa is exactly what you need to make for dinner tonight. Light, healthy, and full of flavor.

11. Skirt Steak Street Tacos Recipe

Skirt Steak Street Tacos has tender beef rolled into a corn taco shell. The cilantro lime sauce is bright and creamy.

12. Maple Tahini Grilled Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Maple Tahini Grilled Sweet Potatoes are seasoned with a little maple syrup and cumin. Wrap in foil, place on the grill, and enjoy!

13. Shrimp Burgers Recipe

Shrimp Burgers are sure to be a hit. Lots of fresh flavors with a little kick.

14. Caponata on a Stick Recipe

Make caponata on a stick for a unique and delicious appetizer. It's vegetarian and vegan, but meat-eaters will love it too!

15. S'mores Brownies Recipe

S'mores brownies are the completely irresistible summer dessert you didn't know you needed in your repertoire.

16. Sweet Black Pepper Bratwursts Recipe

Sweet Black Pepper Brats are simple grilling perfection for your next tailgate. Fire up the grill and slather on the sauce, cus these are...

17. Hawaiian Burger Recipe

A Hawaiian Burger grilled up on a sunny day, could there be anything finer? The pineapple and onions get grilled too, for one amazing...

18. Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken Skewers Recipe

Gluten free teriyaki chicken skewers with a homemade sauce that's hard to beat. This weeknight dinner will be your new favorite!

19. Grilled Lemon Kale Ricotta Flatbread Recipe

Grilled Lemon Kale Ricotta Flatbread makes barbecue season even more delicious. Bright and so good!

20. Lemony Grilled Potato Salad Recipe

Lemony Grilled Potato Salad gets its bright lemony flavor from Nielsen-Massey's Pure Lemon Extract. A side to make your taste buds...

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