Cajun Grilled Cod Recipe

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Cajun Grilled Cod makes a sweet, spicy summer dinner that everyone will rave over. Clean up is also super simple!

 Oh hey hello there! How do you feel about grilled cod fish?

Maybe you’ve only eaten air fried fish or jerk fish tacos with cod. Maybe your only foray has been pan roasted cod and you didn’t even KNOW you could cook cod on the grill.

Cajun Grilled Cod Photo

I was definitely in that camp.

But then I made cod scrambled eggs and I had A LOT of cod leftover and I pretty much had to figure out some way to use it up. ßNow you’re in the mind of a food blogger.

We basically just make stuff up based on what leftovers we had.

Cajun Grilled Cod Picture

So, my brain went, can you make grilled cod fillets?

And, my internet friends, YOU SURE AS HECK CAN.

Cooking cod in foil packets really SEALS in the moisture leaving you with this JUICY, flaky fish that might just be your new favorite way to cook it.

Cajun Grilled Cod Image

Even in the winter, I’m imaging you bundled up in 4 sweaters, wearing Ugg boots (do people still wear those?) and whipping out some grilled cod recipes because you just cannot get enough.

That might be a stretch. BUT, maybe not. Stranger things HAVE happened.

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How to Grill Cod

  1. Preheat your grill to medium high heat.
  2. Pat the cod dry with paper towel and sprinkle your seasonings on. Let that stand at room temp for 30 minutes to get that flavor in!
  3. Make tinfoil packets by placing two pieces of tinfoil on top of each other. Place the cod in the center and close the packets tightly.
  4. Grilled until the fish is flaky and opaque and reads 145 F on a thermometer. Let it rest for 5 minutes.

Now, let’s talk FLAVOR.

By itself, cod isn’t the most flavorful of fish, which means ya REALLY NEED to spice up its LIFE.

File 1 - Cajun Grilled Cod

And, what better way to do that then with CAJUN seasoning? This was a RARE moment when Mr. FFF told me to use Cajun flavor that I ACTUALLY agreed with him.

Lemme just tell you, CAJUN grilled cod is everything. It’s smoky and spicy. The pepper slaw is tangy and creamy and the natural sweetness of the peppers balances out that Cajun HEAT that is dancing around your tongue.

File 2 - Cajun Grilled Cod

It also makes this a little extra CAJUN because you can’t call a recipe “Cajun” without the holy trinity of Bell peppers, onions and celery you know.

Fun fact: you can also leave out the onion from the slaw if you want to make this a little more LOW FODMAP friendly. I did it when I made it for Mr. FFF since he can’t have onions and it was JUST as good.

File 3 - Cajun Grilled Cod

What Cajun Seasoning to Use

For this recipe, I used a homemade Cajun seasoning blend that I found here. BUT you could use store bought too. Just make sure you don’t add too much extra salt to the cod before cooking, just in case your seasoning is saltier than mine!

It’s a CAJUN INVASION up in here and your taste buds are HERE FOR IT.

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Cajun Grilled Cod Recipe

    4 Servings


  • 1 pound Fresh Atlantic Cod, (4 fillets)
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons Cajun Seasoning
  • pinch of Salt
  • 4 teaspoons Olive Oil
For the Slaw:
  • 2 tablespoons Mayonnaise, (Paleo-friendly if needed)
  • 2 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
  • 1/8 teaspoon Sea Salt
  • 1 tablespoon Fresh Chopped Parsley, packed
  • 1/2 Green Bell Pepper, very thinly sliced
  • 1/2 Red Bell Pepper, very thinly sliced
  • 1 rib Celery Heart, very thinly sliced
  • 1/8 large Onion, very thinly sliced


  1. Preheat your grill to medium high.
  2. Pat the cod dry with a paper towel. Sprinkle with the Cajun seasoning and sea salt and let stand 30 minutes at room temperature.
  3. Make 4 tinfoil packets by place two pieces of tinfoil on top of each other, placing one cod in the center of each. Drizzle each fillet with 1 tsp of olive oil and close the packets very tightly.
  4. Place the packets on the grill, folded side up, and grill until the fish is opaque and flaky, about 5-10 minutes depending on the size and thickness of the fillet. Once cooked, set aside to rest and cool for 5 minutes.
  5. While the fish cools, mix all the slaw ingredients, up to the parsley in a large bowl. Stir in the parsley.
  6. Add in the vegetables and stir until they’re well coated.
  7. Serve the slaw over the cod and DEVOUR!



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Recipe Yields:
4 servings
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Author: Taylor Kiser
Recipe Yields: 4 servings
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes

Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Recipe 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 52
Calories 166

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g
  Saturated Fat 0g
Sodium 159mg
Total Carbohydrate 2g
  Dietary Fiber 0g
  Sugars 0g
Protein 20g

* Percent Daily Value are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
** Nutrition Facts are estimated based on ingredients and data provided by Fat Secret. Please consult a doctor if you have special dietary needs.
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