15 Best Back to School Dinner Recipes

Cyd Converse

While summer activities keep us busy, there's nothing quite like the craziness of our family schedule during the chaos of the school year. No contest.

Deciding what to make for dinner is always a challenge, but it's especially so at the beginning of the school year as the kiddos head back to school.

With that in mind, I try to plot out a handful of back to school dinner recipes I can lean on and these are my picks for the best easy dinner recipes!

1. Pizza Quesadilla Recipe

This easy dinner idea is a crowd pleaser! Turn your favorite pizza into quesadillas for the quickest, easiest dinner you'll make all week. Fill tortillas with pepperoni, sausage, peppers and black olives, or whatever other pizza toppings you love best. The best part is how simple it is to personalize quesadillas for every member of the family. Don't forget the marinara for dipping!

2. Roasted Veggie Feta Pasta Recipe

Packed with delicious roasted vegetables, this easy feta pasta recipe makes an easy dinner any night of the week. When it comes to simple pasta dishes, this easy feta pasta recipe reigns supreme. Packed with delicious roasted veggies, this one is a total hit.

3. Pesto Chicken Pull Apart Sliders Recipe

I rave about this pesto chicken pull apart sliders recipe a lot. Ok, more like all the time, but with good reason! This is one of those simple, delicious recipes that you can make even simpler by grabbing grocery store rotisserie chicken to cut down on the prep time. Stuffed into slider rolls along with cheese and pesto and you've got a certified hit on your hands.

4. Slow Cooker Chipotle Pulled Chicken Recipe

This super easy chipotle slow cooker pulled chicken recipe is a family-approved weeknight favorite. This super easy slow cooker chipotle pulled chicken recipe is a perfect example of why we love a good slow cooker recipe around here.

5. Slow Cooker Salisbury Steaks Recipe

Trust me when I say - this is not your high school cafeteria's salisbury steak recipe! This version, made in the slow cooker, is a cinch to prep, but boasts loads of flavor. It's easy to serve with mashed potatoes or egg noodles, the latter of which are particularly quick and easy to prep before dinner is served.

6. Crispy Chicken Sheet Pan Tacos Recipes

If you love tacos but you love easy dinner recipes even more, these crispy chicken sheet pan tacos are calling your name. This sheet pan tacos recipe is yet a favorite and it's checking all the boxes - it's delicious, quick, easy and a huge crowd pleaser

7. Easy Cheeseburger Skillet Recipe

I love any easy weeknight dinner that can be made in one pot and tastes as good as this one! Our easy cheeseburger skillet makes the ultimate dinner. It's loaded with ground beef and orzo pasta then tossed with all the flavors of your favorite cheeseburger from the mustard to the pickles and cheese.

8. Chicken Asparagus Pasta Recipe

If you want an easy weeknight dinner recipe that's particularly impressive, this chicken asparagus pasta recipe answers the call. With a simple, creamy lemon garlic parmesan sauce and crisp, tender asparagus, it’s perfect any night of the week or even for serving at a dinner party, but I love it on weeknights when I'm craving something a touch more elevated.

9. Sheet Pan Sausage Dinner Recipe

Show me a crowd-pleasing sheet pan recipe and I'll show you happy parents the world over. This sheet pan sausage dinner is no exception! Cheesy sausage is baked alongside sweet potatoes, apples and a simple apricot glaze all on a single sheet pan ensuring dinner is served quickly with little clean up required.

10. Beef Lombardi Recipe

A freezer-friendly one pot meal everyone loves, this beef lombardi does not disappoint. Ribbons of egg noodles are tossed together with juicy ground beef, tomatoes, cheese and seasoning to create this special weeknight dinner recipe. Top everything with sour cream and black olives for the perfect finish.

11. Pierogies Taco Skillet Recipe

As a kid my dad made us pierogies a lot on busy weeknights so they hold a special place in my heart. This taco skillet made with a base of tasty cheddar pierogies is no different. This simple dinner recipe is loaded with ground beef, taco seasoning, salsa and cheddar cheese for maximum taco flavor.

12. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Not everything is meant to be to be cooked on a sheet pan, but sheet pan chicken fajitas are a thing of weeknight beauty. While the veggies and chicken are roasting you can quickly prep the tortillas and any toppings your family may prefer and dinner is on the table in under 45 minutes.

13. Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

We are crazy about a tater tot casserole in our family though for us it's generally a breakfast recipe made with eggs and cheese. It turns out, if you add ground beef browned with ketchup and mustard, then lots of cheese and pickles you've got one seriously delicious weeknight dinner your kids will beg for over and over.

14. Mexican Rice Skillet Recipe

Another epic one pot skillet recipe, this Mexican rice skillet dinner is not your average Mexican rice. Dinner is ready in under 25 minutes plus you only dirty on pan - what's not to love?! Ground beef, rice, Ro-Tel, corn, taco seasoning and shredded cheese ensure that this easy skillet recipe will win over any crowd.

15. Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos Recipe

Anyone who thinks that nachos are just for game day, I am here to blow your mind - it turns out, sheet pan nachos are supremely delicious and entirely worthy of being called dinner. You can make a full tray of nachos for the whole family in just minutes while customizing your nachos to suit your family's taste.

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