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Silpat perfect cookie mat
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Silpat Perfect Cookie Mat Review

The Silpat Perfect Cookie Mat makes spacing and baking up perfect cookies a breeze. You'll love having it in your kitchen.
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Product Description

The Silpat Perfect Cookie Mat has everything you've come to expect from Silpat DeMarle - a quality silicone liner that stores flat and cleans easily, and can be heated up to 482°F!

The Perfect Cookie Mat sets itself apart in it's 13 perfectly spaced circles. Simply place a ball of cookie dough in the center of each circle, and in no time flat you have perfectly shaped, not-stuck-together cookies, that slide clear of the baking tray without any effort. 

Silpat Perfect Cookie Mat Recipes

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Breakfast Cookies will have your kids up and dressed in no time, just so they can nosh on these tasty treats. Plus you'll use up those black bananas!
These easy chocolate chip cookies are quick to mix up and bake into perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies. The best chocolate chip cookie recipe I've made!
These Paleo Cookies are all full of toasty, warm holiday flavors. From cranberries and orange to cardamom and molasses, we're here for it.
Keto sugar cookies are a health-conscious celebration of the holidays! These almond-flavored cookies are a cookie tray must.
Add a little crunch of deliciousness to your chaotic mornings with these easy, delicious, gluten free Ginger Granola Breakfast Cookies! Grab and go never looked so good.
Keto Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies are low carb, sugar free, and totally delicious. The perfect snack is staring right at you!
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