Smart and Sweet: 10 After School Snacks

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Being a student is hard -- reward your hungry kiddos with one of these perfectly sweet after-school treats!

After school is a magical time around my house. As happy as I am to have a bit of down time during the day (goodbye never ending Summer!), I am always ready to see my sweet son's face once 3 o'clock rolls around. My toddler Lucy got particularly used to having Jon David home full time -- she spends a good part of the day asking for him, looking for him, and asking for him again.

Lucy wakes up from her afternoon nap right before it's time to head to the school to pick up her "bubba". By the time we load up in the car and wait out the school line traffic, she's ready for a snack and so is Jon David. As we walk in the front door and sort through homework, discuss news from his day, and deal with Lucy's inevitable excitement at seeing her brother, I love surprising them with a fun treat. It's just a fun time for us to catch up before I have to pack lunches, prepare dinner, and handle Lucy's bath.

As much as I'd love to say that I always feed my son the healthiest of after-school snacks, that isn't really the truth. Sugar is how I show my love. It's how we celebrate or reward. basically my life. So it should come as no surprise that my favorite surprises for my kiddos are of the sweet, frosting covered, candy coated variety.  Cookies are good.  Cupcakes are fabulous.  We don't discriminate around here!

School is hard. Being a kid is hard.  Sugar softens the blow, doesn't it?  Here are my ten Food Fanatic favorites for after school treats!

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