Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cuisinart Stockpot Review

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The Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cuisinart Stockpot is a must have for any canner. Its large size makes canning large batches a breeze.

Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cuisinart Stockpot

When friends first start out in their canning adventure, they often think that they must have a dedicated canning pot in order to can – but really, any pot that is tall enough to hold a canning rack, your jars, and an inch or so of water above the jars will do.

You may already have a stockpot in your kitchen that will do the job, but if you don’t, I highly recommend the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 12 Quart Stockpot.

In addition, for those of us with electric stoves that have flat stovetops, the Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 12 Quart Stockpot is a great choice because typical graniteware canners won’t do the job as well because of their slightly curved bottom, which is built for a burner.

This stockpot is a favorite of mine because it’s stainless steel, the bottom is flat, and it comfortably fits eight half-pint jars. Since that’s about the biggest batch size I’m normally processing, it’s perfect for most of my small-batch preserving projects.

In addition to being great for smaller batches, I also love this pot because the handles stay cool even though the pot is filled with boiling water, making it easy for me to move around on the stove as I finish a batch of jam and start on a new one.

It’s also pretty easy to keep clean, which is a huge plus when your jam session is over. Once I’m done processing all of my batches for the day, I just pour out the water, give it a quick scrub to remove any mineral deposits from the water, and it’s ready to go for the next project.


  • Comes with cover
  • Large enough for small-batch preserving projects
  • Handles remain cool with hot water inside the pot


  • A bit heavy/cumbersome when completely filled with water

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Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cuisinart Stockpot Review

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