17 Cocktail Recipes To Shake Up Your Holiday Season

Cyd Converse

Our neighborhood hosts a walking cocktail party every year that is basically the talk of the town and for very good reason.

My husband and I pull out all the stops, concocting the fanciest, merriest cocktails in an effort to outdo everyone else's mixology skills.

These cocktail recipes are about as festive as they come and they're perfect for entertaining throughout the holiday season.

1. Rosemary Yuzu Gin Fizz Recipe

This Christmas cocktail recipe is one for the gin lovers! Our rosemary yuzu gin fizz recipe evokes the scent of the woods this Christmas season. Full of rosemary and citrus flavors, it's a blend of gin and yuzu liqueur with fresh rosemary. It's topped with club soda because if citrus and evergreens say winter, fizz says festive.

2. Cranberry Gimlet Recipe

This festive cranberry gimlet lends seasonal sweetness to the classic cocktail. It's a perfect addition to your next holiday party! This cocktail is slightly sweet and can be changed just based on what cranberry juice you use. Part of the fun is figuring out exactly how you like it best.

3. Christmas Mule Recipe

This easy Christmas mule recipe makes a perfect holiday season cocktail and a great option for serving at holiday parties.

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail Recipe

Our cinnamon toast crunch cocktail recipe is a delicious RumChata drink that tastes like your favorite cereal in an adult drink. It's perfect for mixing up at parties or for sipping along with your favorite Christmas movie. This surprising combination of RumChata and Fireball is pretty irresistible - just ask our friends!

5. Raspberry Russian Holiday Cocktail Recipe

If you love a white Russian, like I do, perhaps you know how they taste particularly delicious during the holiday season. I love experimenting with different seasonal white Russian recipes around the holidays and this raspberry Russian holiday cocktail is perfection. This twist on the classic white Russian replaces the traditional coffee liqueur with black raspberry. Add muddled fresh raspberries and you have yourself a raspberry Russian.

6. Cranberry Orange Bourbon Smash Recipe

With the taste of winter in every sip, our beloved cranberry orange bourbon smash recipe is one for the bourbon drinkers in the crowd. Bourbon, a fresh squeeze of orange juice, cranberry sauce, cranberry sauce, rosemary and ginger ale mix up one festive drink. This one might just become your new favorite cocktail.

7. Horchata Margaritas Recipe

If you love a good margarita recipe and believe they make perfect sipping all year long, you're not alone because I am with you. Our horchata margarita recipe is the perfect example! With homemade horchata, RumChata and tequila, these margaritas are the perfect drink for celebrating the holidays! Cozy and creamy, you’ll love sipping them fireside.

8. Frangelico Hot Chocolate Recipe

Perfect for a crisp winter evening, this Frangelico hot chocolate recipe is a thick, rich, chocolate dream. Frangelico (or other hazelnut liqueur) is stirred into thick homemade hot chocolate then topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate whiskey marshmallows and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. If you want a cocktail that doubles as a decadent chocolate dessert, this is recipe is the ticket.

9. White Christmas Cocktail Recipe

While many are all about warm drinks in winter like boozy hot cocoa, a hot toddy or buttered rum, for those that like to stick to cold drinks, don't miss this white Christmas cocktail recipe. This one happens to be particularly boozy, making it good for sipping. Plus it's a bit like donning a sweater - from the inside.

10. Cranberry Orange Moscow Mule Recipe

Another of my favorite Christmas Moscow mule recipes, you can't miss trying this cranberry orange Moscow mule this holiday season. For one, nothing tastes quite like Christmas in the way that cranberry paired with orange does in my world. The addition of triple sec, fresh cranberries and orange slices along with mint to garnish is both festive and refreshing. Cheers!

11. Raspberry Mango Bellini Recipe

A traditional bellini is never the wrong answer when searching for a festive cocktail recipe in my estimation. This raspberry mango bellini is a fruity, flavorful take on the classic bellini recipe making it perfect for Christmas brunch or sipping after dinner. This simple but elegant cocktail gets its color from a little sorbet and fresh raspberries. No fancy bartending skills required.

12. Mexican Hot Chocolate Shots Recipe

If you're on the hunt for an especially fun and festive holiday cocktail recipe, you need to make these Mexican hot chocolate shots for your next holiday party! This recipe is the perfect amount of chocolate, cayenne and booze to get everyone warmed up. They make a fun way to greet guests or offer a fun little after dinner treat that's part dessert and part booze. Win-win!

13. Spiked Chai Latte Recipe

There’s lots to love about warm cocktails like this spiked chai latte, but my favorite thing is how perfect they are for getting cozy watching a favorite movie. Our spiked chai latte recipe has all the spices and warmth you crave during the cold months. Kick it up with a little bourbon!

14. Lillet Spritzer with Honey and Rosemary Recipe

Our lillet spritzer recipe made with honey and rosemary is aromatic, smooth, and sophisticated. It's an absolute must try! Don't let the title fool ya. It may sound refined and kind of snobby, but this spritzer is a deliciously potent cocktail. The addition of fresh herbs makes it perfect for getting cozy.

15. Christmas Sangria Recipe

Packed full of incredible Christmas flavors our simple yet festive Christmas sangria recipe is the delightful cocktail everyone will love this Christmas season. White wine, oranges, cranberries and pomegranate arils are mixed with some pomegranate juice and chilled for a few hours before mixing with ginger ale and serving.

16. Boozy Slow Cooker Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

This boozy slow cooker peppermint hot chocolate recipe tastes like a sip of the season. Easily mix up a large batch and let it simmer in the slow cooker for friends and family to serve themselves with no need to play bartender. It's easily one of our most popular Christmas cocktail recipes!

17. Ginger Brandy Old Fashioned Cocktail

If you love a classic old fashioned, you need to try our ginger brandy old fashioned recipe this holiday season! A flavorful twist on the classic cocktail recipe, the ginger brandy lends a subtle taste of the holidays to a basic cocktail recipe loved by many. Stir one up and toast the holidays with friends.

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