10 Cozy Cocktails To Sip This Weekend

Cyd Converse

My husband and I love making fun, festive cocktails at home and often try out new flavor combinations throughout the year along with the seasons.

Lately we've been on a big negroni kick, but this summer I definitely had a moment where I was on an aperol spritz kick. They're so refreshing!

Come fall and winter though I like a cozier vibe and these tasty cocktail recipes fit the bill. Mix one up this weekend and enjoy - cheers!

1. Spiked Chai Latte Recipe

There’s lots to love about warm cocktails like this spiked chai latte, but my favorite thing is how perfect they are for getting cozy watching a favorite movie. Our spiked chai latte recipe has all the spices and warmth you crave during the cold months. Kick it up with a little bourbon!

2. Charred Orange Whiskey Recipe

If your love a good whiskey drink, make this charred orange whiskey recipe! A spin on the classic old fashioned cocktail, this version is made with ginger liquor and sherry before being topped with a delicious slice of charred orange. It's perfect all year long but we especially love it for the fall season.

3. Black Barrel Tequila Smash Recipe

This black barrel tequila smash will take your cocktail hour to a whole new level. I also love how versatile it is! It can be made in several different way - swap out the booze, swap out the fruit and make it exactly to your liking. What you basically need is a liquor, a fruit and a citrus. The result is delicious.

4. Lillet Spritzer with Honey and Rosemary Recipe

Our lillet spritzer recipe made with honey and rosemary is aromatic, smooth, and sophisticated. It's an absolute must try! Don't let the title fool ya. It may sound refined and kind of snobby, but this spritzer is a deliciously potent cocktail. The addition of fresh herbs makes it perfect for getting cozy.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail Recipe

Our Cinnamon Toast Crunch cocktail recipe is a delicious RumChata drink that tastes like your favorite cereal in an adult drink. One of our most popular cocktail recipes of all time, you need to mix one up and give it a try! It's one of our go-to favorites this time of year and through the holiday season.

6. Ginger Brandy Old Fashioned Cocktail

You may have tried or heard of a brandy Old Fashioned, but chances are likely you may not have not tried a delicious ginger brandy Old Fashioned like this one! This recipe calls for candied ginger, which gives this drink its distinct flavor. It's a simple yet flavorful twist on the classic recipe that you are sure to enjoy.

7. Bloody Mary Recipe

We are definitely a bloody mary kind of family and my husband especially loves them! While a great brunch cocktail, a classic bloody mary recipe such as this one has a place on the cocktail anytime of day. Serve one up with all your favorite garnishes and fixings - I personally love Cholula and pickle spears!

8. Autumn Pimm's Cup Recipe

This autumnal twist on a classic Pimm's cup recipe has made more than one appearance around our house in recent years! Made with the traditional Pimm's you know and love along with lots of warming flavors and apple slices too, it's irresistible. It may just become your new seasonal favorite.

9. Boozy Pumpkin Chai Latte Recipe

If you're a pumpkin spice lover, don't scroll any further! This boozy pumpkin chai latte recipe is calling your name. If you want the ultimate cozy cocktail, why not jump on the pumpkin everything bandwagon and give this one a try? The warm spiced flavors are an absolute treat in the fall and winter months.

10. Pear Vodka Recipe

I love using fresh pear in cocktails during the fall and our pear vodka recipe is no exception to my rule! What could be better than a cocktail made from fresh sweet homemade pear puree and woody rosemary? Made with fresh pear puree, this cocktail is like taking a sip of fall. Give it a try!

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