The 10 Best Food Podcasts You Need to Listen to Now

Cyd Converse

It's hard to pick favorites, but here are our picks for the top 10 best food podcasts right now.

In October of 2014 the now famed Serial podcast dropped the first episodes and with it, podcasts seemingly exploded into an overnight pop culture sensation.

I didn't know food podcasts were a thing then, but I knew of podcasts generally though I'd yet to take the plunge and try listening to one.

All of that was about to change. I couldn’t resist the buzz around Serial. I had to listen immediately. And then, I was hooked.

The Top 10 Best Food Podcasts According to Food Fanatic

From there I quickly became a bit of a podcast junkie. Listening to them, raving about them, even starting my own short-lived podcast that sadly got pushed to the back burner when the pandemic hit and my family responsibilities shifted.

(For the record, I am absolutely going to have a podcast again one day.)

My love for podcasts evolved over time to expand to audiobooks - always strictly nonfiction. (I have a thing where I have to hold a physical book and read the words myself when it comes to fiction.)

As it goes, cranking a good podcast or audiobook when I’m in the kitchen is now an absolute must. I can't hear myself think in a quiet kitchen.

The Top 10 Best Food Podcasts 2022

Whether I am recipe testing, shooting content for Food Fanatic, cooking for my family or washing my third load of dishes for the day, a good podcast somehow feels like an old friend hanging out in the kitchen with me.

It’s hard to pick favorites, but I sat down and scrolled through my podcast library to sift through the best of the best food podcasts to share with you.

Listed in no particular order (because narrowing it down to 10 was hard enough), here are Food Fanatic’s picks for the top 10 best food podcasts right now.

Burnt Toast Podcast by Food52

Burnt Toast Podcast by Food52

Featuring weekly conversations about food and culture, Food52’s Burnt Toast podcast explores food and the ways it intersects with our everyday lives.

For a taste of what Burnt Toast is all about, host Michael Harlan Turkell takes a deep dive into the world of sandwiches, with episodes dedicated to such delicacies as the PB&J and the BLT.

Burnt Toast also delves into things like bread breaking 101 and even how to make double chocolate weed brownies - and virtually every food topic in between.

Why We Love It: Burnt Toast is a fun and insightful food podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously while being highly entertaining.

Each episode is thoughtfully created to provide you with endless dinner party fodder, all delivered in about the length of a commute.

Salt + Spine Podcast

Salt + Spine Podcast with Brian Hogan Stewart

If you’re a hoarder of cookbooks (guilty as charged right here) this is the podcast for you - a podcast committed to bring cookbooks to life.

Boasting in-depth interviews with cookbook authors, Salt + Spine shares the stories behind cookbooks and insight into the recipes that make each unique.

It’s an inspired look behind the scenes look at how our favorite cookbooks come to life and the soul infused into the food they contain.

Maybe you’ve passed on your friend’s invitation to join her book club, but you low key dream about starting a cookbook club? Jump into this one with both feet and start listening.

Why We Love It: For cookbook enthusiasts, Salt + Spine is a must-listen.

Featuring compelling interviews, each episode leaves you wanting to add a new (or vintage) cookbook to your already bursting collection.

Black Girls Eating Podcast

Black Girls Eating with Tanorria Askew and Candace Boyd

Candace Boyd of Food Love Tog, an Indianapolis food creative, and Tanorria Askew, MasterChef contestant and culinary creator at Tanorria’s Table, join forces for this vital and entertaining podcast.

A self-proclaimed celebration of sisterhood, food and Black culture, Tanorria and Candace’s undeniable chemistry and affection for one another comes together as a force.

Black Girls Eating is a melding together of true American comfort food and advocacy, sharing a passion for well-seasoned food while uplifting Black voices in the culinary community and in the world as a whole.

Why We Love It: Women empowering other women is always inspiring, but the deep love and respect Candace and Tanorria have for each other is a pleasure to witness.

Real, authentic conversation couples with laughter, cooking tips and a passion for food that resonates deeply with listeners.

The Storied Recipe Podcast

The Storied Recipe Podcast by Becky Hadeed

Becky Hadeed is a curious home cook, mother of four, food photographer, blogger and the voice behind The Storied Recipe.

With The Storied Recipe, Becky invites guests to join her to share their favorite recipes and food experiences, setting the stage to dive into each guest’s life story and the ways food inspires and moves them.

Boasting a subtle yet powerful global perspective, The Storied Recipe is a unique culinary and cultural adventure with Becky preparing, photographing and sharing each featured recipe at The Storied Recipe’s website.

Why We Love It: The Storied Recipe is about more than just food. It is about humanity, heritage and culture, and the supporting role food plays in our most treasured moments and memories.

If you’ve ever tasted a cookie recipe and it made you feel like you were home, The Storied Recipe is the podcast for you.

Food People by Bon Appétit

Food People by Bon Appétit

Recently rebooted in late 2021, Food People is the kind of food podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously - in the best possible way.

Hosted by Bon Appétit's editorial director Amanda Shapiro, weekly episodes dive into topics like, “what’s the best way to grill chicken?” and, “why are people obsessed with Trader Joe’s?”

There’s a bit of debate, endless cooking tips and tricks, and insight from food writers, chefs and foodies on the foods that make our kitchens tick.

It’s an easy-listening food podcast with succinct episodes that make sneaking in an episode while cooking dinner as easy as pie.

Why We Love It: Bon Appétit is one of the most beloved food publications in the world and for good reason.

Listening to Food People is like you’re hanging out with the editorial staff as they brainstorm story ideas and chat about food hits and misses, all with an approachability that feels inspired and refreshing.

The Sporkful Podcast

The Sporkful by Dan Pashman

Easily one of the most popular food podcasts, there’s a reason why The Sporkful has racked up the fans.

Perhaps it’s the catchy motto declaring that The Sporkful is “not for foodies, it’s for eaters,” that immediately makes listeners feel welcome.

Lighthearted with an overall casual vibe, no food topic is off limits on any given episode of The Sporkful.

You won’t find a bunch of stiff formal interviews happening here, but you will learn a whole lot and have a lot of fun listening.

This James Beard Award winning podcast brings a humorous approach to connecting people through food, taking on hotly contested issues such as whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich and so much more.

Why We Love It: The Sporkful is thought-provoking with an easy humor that makes every episode truly enjoyable.

You will laugh, you will learn something new, and you’ll look forward to the next episode all week long.

The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table with Francis Lam

If there were a food podcast to classify as OG, this is the one.

With roots in public radio dating back to 1997, The Splendid Table has long been the standard for food journalism in the podcast realm.

The Splendid Table takes an enticing editorial approach to today’s culinary trends, crossing the intersection of how food and what we eat influences and is influenced by culture, socioeconomics and society.

If you love digging into history, culture, sustainability and you also love food, The Splendid Table is the pick for you.

Why We Love It: The Splendid Table is an insightful mashup of culinary topics that manages to never feel stale even after more than 700 episodes.

With thoughtful journalism and impeccable production, it’s the Grade A standard for foodcasts.

Taste Buds Podcast

Taste Buds Podcast

Take two comedians who are both very opinionated about food and give them each a microphone and you’ve got Taste Buds.

It’s a hilarious face-off of culinary opinion and it never fails to entertain.

Sal and Joe squabble over debates such as pizza vs. pasta or burgers vs. tacos in hilarious fashion, then leave it to listeners to chime in and settle the argument.

In that way it feels like hanging out with a couple of buddies as they bust on each other over whether or not cheese should be added to a burger.

If you’re looking for a podcast that will leave you laughing until it hurts, Taste Buds is the right move.

If nothing else you’ll laugh at the antics Sal and Joe get into while defending their position in each episode.

Why We Love It: It’s hard to listen to Taste Buds without experiencing true joy.

If you’re having a crappy day, this is the kind of food podcast that will bring you back down to earth and incite a few fits of laughter along the way.

Radio Cherry Bombe Podcast

Radio Cherry Bombe Podcast

One of the longest running food podcasts, Radio Cherry Bombe host Kerry Diamond interviews food writers, cookbook authors, chefs and tv personalities in a quest to learn more about the most interesting people in the world of food.

Guests have ranged from Ina Garten to Mary McCartney and Stanley Tucci and beyond, talking about their life’s passions along with beloved recipes, favorite food memories, food television and cookbooks.

If you’re a fan of a good interview format podcast, Radio Cherry Bombe is one to add to your library.

Kerry’s interview style is engaging and her guests share freely, making each episode intriguing and inspiring.

Why We Love It: There’s something really satisfying about listening to a great interview with someone you admire or look up to and Radio Cherry Bombe has those in spades.

You’ll also get introduced to all kinds of players in the food world whom you never knew, which is more than half of the fun.

Table Manners Podcast

Table Manners Podcast 

Joined by her mom Lennie, Britain’s Jessie Ware has created a masterful and delightful podcast with Table Manners.

The conversation between mother and daughter is relatable and funny, lending to the show’s warm and casual vibe.

Blending interviews with bits of food conversation, Table Manners reminds you of the kinds of conversations you’d have at a really good dinner party.

Celebrity guests chat about their latest projects while also dropping details about things like what their favorite lunchbox foods were as kids.

Taking it one step further, guests are treated to dinner and the recipes are shared along the way. Dinner party enthusiasts will love this one.

Why We Love It: Forever fans of a good dinner party and avid conversationalists, every episode of Table Manners feels like being invited to the home of an incredible hostess and being served the most delicious food.

It’s a unique podcast concept and one that fully works.

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