8 Recipes That Will Leave You Wanting S'More and S'More

Matt R.

Not a lot goes into the making of a s'more, right?

You heat up a marshmallow. You stick it between some chocolate and graham crackers and... boom! You're all set.

This is technically true.

But that doesn't mean you can't mix it up on occasion. Scroll down for a look at some s'more recipes you may not previously have thought of...

1. S'mores Cream Puffs Recipe

S'mores Cream Puffs are one epic summer dessert. Make them for your next dinner party - they're so impressive!

2. Grilled S'mores Recipe

Grilled S'mores are a fun and different way to satisfy your s'mores craving. We think you'll love them!

3. Indoor S'mores Recipe

Indoor S'mores are completely addicting in the best kind of way. What's not to love, you know?

4. Healthy S'mores Recipe

Healthy s'mores bites are snackably delicious! These poppable little numbers are great for the lunchbox.

5. S'mores Pull Apart Bread Recipe

S'mores Pull Apart Bread is the classic dessert made in a bundt pan. A great treat without the campfire!

6. S'mores Quesadilla Recipe

S'mores Quesadilla combines marshmallow fluff, chocolate spread, and graham crackers in a tortilla. You won't believe how good...

7. S'mores Pie Recipe

S'mores Pie combines the graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow in one delectable pie. Divine!

8. S'mores Brownies Recipe

S'mores brownies are the completely irresistible summer dessert you didn't know you needed in your repertoire.

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