21 Chicken Breast Recipes That Are Sure to Satisfy

Matt R.

There are countless ways to cook chicken breasts for dinner.

We clearly can't pretend that we have them all covered below.

But we have rundown a list of Food Fanatic favorites are mostly pretty easy to make, nearly all very healthy... and definitely all delicious!

Ready to find the one that best suits you and your family? Get to it...

1. Bruschetta Chicken Pasta Recipe

Bruschetta Chicken Pasta is so easy! Your family will love this weeknight makeover of a favorite Italian appetizer.

2. King Ranch Chicken Recipe

King ranch chicken casserole is a delicious example of comfort food. Read on for an easy, fun recipe that anyone can make at home.

3. Barefoot Contessa Parmesan Chicken Sticks Recipe

These chicken sticks make for a fast and easy dinner. Your kids will love them!

4. Duggar Family White Chili Recipe

This Duggar Family white chili recipe serves a whole bunch. It's quick, easy and guaranteed to fill you up!

5. Chicken Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe

This chicken stir fry recipe uses Ponzu sauce, making it especially healthy and hearty. Mix it together tonight.

6. Chicken Pesto Gnocchi Recipe

This chicken pesto gnocchi can be concocted in mere minutes. Make it for your family tonight!

7. Green Curry Chicken Recipe

This green curry recipe calls for chicken, cilantro and many healthy vegetables. Whip up a batch for dinner tonight.

8. Thai Red Curry Chicken Recipe

This Thai red curry chicken recipe includes a healthy dose of green beans. And is cooked in just one pot.

9. Paleo Chicken Soup Recipe

This salsa verde soup recipe includes great spices and grilled chicken. Enjoy a bowl tonight!

10. Sesame Chicken Recipe

Sesame Chicken couldn't be quicker or easier to make. Skip the take out, because this recipe is actually faster!

11. Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

An easy grilled chicken quesadilla recipe. The magic is in the marinade!

12. Crock Pot Pulled Chicken Recipe

Easy and delish Crock Pot Pulled Chicken is a blank canvas for your family's favorite dinner. Let your slow cooker do the heavy...

13. Spinach Artichoke Chicken Recipe

Spinach Artichoke Chicken is stuffed with cheesy goodness. Your favorite dip stuffs chicken for an awesome meal!

14. Duggar Family Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

This chicken tortilla soup recipe could not be easier to make. Stir it up and enjoy a bowl now!

15. Barefoot Contessa Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe

Looking for a tasty Mexican chicken soup recipe? We recommend this one, courtesy of The Barefoot Contessa.

16. Homemade Chili's Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Homemade Chili's Chicken Fajitas are easier than you think. No need to go out, thanks to your trusty cast iron skillet.

17. Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Tacos Recipe

Slow cooker shredded chicken tacos make an easy weeknight dinner, or can feed a crowd for a dinner party.

18. Margarita Grilled Chicken Recipe

Margarita Grilled Chicken takes all the flavors of your favorite cocktail and turns them just a little bit savory. Hello, dinner!

19. Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets that taste just like Chick-fil-a. You can make them with wheat flour too, so either way, this recipe is a...

20. BBQ Split Chicken Breasts Recipe

BBQ Split Chicken Breasts are bone-in, which means extra flavor! These babies are juicy and delicious without even trying.

21. Gluten Free Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms Recipe

Gluten free chicken marsala with mushrooms you'll be making once a week, for sure. Who knew elegance was this easy??

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