15 Easy July 4th Recipes We Can’t Wait To Serve Our Friends

Cyd Converse

I am not exagerrating in the least when I tell you that the 4th of July is one of my very very favorite holidays. From the food to the fireworks, I am a total fangirl.

When I was a kid it meant long road trips and camping in the Adirondacks, and as an adult it often means hosting backyard parties or going to pool parties.

Whether we're hosting or packing the cooler and pool floats, figuring out what I am making every year for July 4th is one of my very favorite things!

From salads to sangria, from burgers to blueberry desserts, these are the 15 easy July 4th recipes we can't wait to serve our friends this celebration season.

1. Lemon Blueberry No Bake Cheesecakes

If you love cheesecake (like I do), but don't always have the time you need to bake a true, traditional cheesecake (especially in the heat of summer) consider these perfectly portioned lemon blueberry no bake cheesecakes for your 4th of July menu! Tangy and creamy, each little pot is topped with a homemade blueberry sauce, blueberries and whipped cream making one awesome dessert.

2. Pretzel Dogs Recipe

These pretzel dogs are easy to make for the perfect tasty snack or lunch - hot dogs wrapped in buttery, soft pretzel dough are sprinkled with coarse salt and served with ketchup and mustard for dipping. They are so easy to prep in advance and serve as part of a picnic while watching fireworks or at a backyard party. They are so fun and always a huge crowd favorite.

3. Homemade Otter Pops Recipe

If you didn't know that you could buy your own freezer pop bags - here's your sign to put making your own on your summer bucket list! Nothing feels quite as classically summer as a big box of Otter Pops and making your own to serve all the kids at your 4th of July picnic is the ultimate power play. Made with fresh fruit juice and Greek yogurt they're also incredibly easy to make!

4. Strawberry Pimm’s Slush Recipe

The epitome of summer refreshment, there's something delightfully tongue in cheek about serving our popular strawberry Pimm's slush recipe for the 4th of July. (Pimm's is a classically British liqueur, if you didn't know!) The best part about this Strawberry Pimm’s Slush is that all it requires is four ingredients - minus the garnish - and just about give minutes to prepare.

5. Mexican Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

I love the idea of serving really good fries on the 4th of July and these Mexican sweet potato fries fit the bill! Simple ingredients with exceptional taste, I bet you can’t eat just 30. If sweet potatoes aren’t your thing, you can swap them for regular potatoes, but the avocado and cilantro dipping sauce is a must. This is how you give fries a perfect summer makeover.

6. Chipotle Flank Steak with Avocado Salsa Recipe

Our grilled chipotle lime flank steak recipe topped with our creamy avocado salsa is a bright and spicy take on your favorite grilled meat and it's perfect for summer entertaining - especially on the 4th of July! The heat and savory flavors of the steak are balanced by the tangy salsa making it ideal for serving sliced with a few great sides or even stuffed into tacos.

7. Strawberry Pie Bars Recipe

I have always loved a pie bar for dessert! Baked on a big sheet pan with a buttery homemade crust topped with a homemade strawberry filling and whipped cream, these strawberry pie bars are perhaps the perfect summer dessert and one of the best 4th of July picnic recipes in my very humble opinion. If you want to keep dessert simple, these pie bars are the answer.

8. BBQ Jalapeño Popper Dip Recipe

This barbecue jalapeño popper dip recipe is not to be missed! Pairing sweet barbecue sauce with jalapeños, bacon and shredded Mexican blend cheese guarantees a match made in spicy dip heaven. Not only is this dip incredibly delicious, it's also super easy to make - grab some pretzels and dig in! I love serving it all summer long for all the festive backyard parties.

9. Roasted Corn and Tomato Salad Recipe

This easy to make roasted corn and tomato salad is bursting with fresh, bright flavors that practically scream summer. This chilled salad is perfect for serving as a side dish during the summer at any barbecue or potluck, making it perfect to make ahead and pack up to bring along to whatever July 4th party you might be attending. Your friends will thank you!

10. Pretzel Toffee Bark Recipe

When I think of July 4th, I always immediately think of fun and easy desserts that kids of all ages will love. Crunchy, sweet, and salty, this pretzel toffee bark recipe is the perfect sweet little snack to pair with all the burgers, hot dogs, salads and ice cream sandwiches you can serve. This easy to make candy can be made a few days in advance, which is so handy!

11. An Easy Summer Sangria Recipe You’ll Make All Season Long

If you're looking for an easy summer sangria recipe look no further! This recipe is simple, sweet and refreshing for summer sipping. Because it's red and loaded with fresh berries, it's also sort of perfect as a July 4th recipe if you ask me. Made with a combo of red and white wines, the finished sangria is balanced, fruity, but not overly sweet. Try it!

12. Easy Focaccia with Strawberries and Feta Recipe

This easy focaccia with strawberries and feta is topped with a flavorful balsamic glaze and it makes a surprisingly perfect side dish when planning a barbecue or 4th of July picnic! In addition to the incredible savory yet slightly sweet flavor, this focaccia is surprisingly simple to make - it does not require any kneading, just mix it together with a dough whisk or a wooden spoon.

13. Cilantro Tomato Avocado Salad Recipe

This cilantro tomato avocado salad recipe is truly one of my very favorite salads to make all year long. It takes all the best flavors of summer and tosses ‘em into one gorgeous salad. Make it as a side for a barbecue or let it be the star of the whole meal depending on what else you're serving on the 4th of July. It's also a great option to bring along to a potluck picnic.

14. Sweet and Spicy Sausage Subs Recipe

Grilled sausage is another one of those things that screams summer to me - this recipe for our sweet and spicy sausage subs is no exception! These sausage subs start with grilled sausage that is cut on the bias so it fits neatly in a sub roll. They're topped with sweet pineapple cubes, cool cucumbers, fresh and spicy jalapeño slices and a sprinkling of cilantro.

15. Loaded Crunchy Taco Salad Recipe

This loaded crunchy taco salad is easy to make and a total crowd favorite topped with our creamy tomatillo dressing. It has quickly become a summer mainstay and I love that it stands alone as a complete meal, which is ideal when it comes to easy entertaining for the 4th of July. Whip up this salad and the homemade dressing, mix up a pitcher of sangria and call it a day!

16. Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

While the grown ups are sipping on sangria, whip up our strawberry watermelon smoothie recipe for the kiddos on the 4th of July! This quick and easy smoothie recipe is made with lime juice and last summer it become my little one's favorite way to talk me into making smoothies. This recipe is fast, easy and refreshing - everything I need when hosting on July 4th.

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