13 Christmas Fudge Recipes Perfect for Your Cookie Trays

Cyd Converse

8. Maple Walnut Fudge Recipe

Another totally classic Christmas fudge recipe, our maple walnut fudge recipe is a tried and true winner. The combination of sweet and salty is incredible, all whipped into a delicious, soft, maple walnut fudge that's super easy to make at home. It's perfect for holiday dessert trays, cookie trays or wrapped up in parchment paper to include along with your holiday teacher gifts!

9. Espresso Toffee Fudge Recipe

If you want to level up your fudge recipe game, this espresso toffee fudge is a decidedly delicious way to get your chocolate, coffee, and toffee fix all at once. This fudge has he buttery flavor of toffee combined with the robust flavor of coffee. We not only added in espresso powder, but took it a step further and added crushed dark chocolate espresso beans.

10. Cake Batter Fudge Recipe

This cake batter fudge recipe is great for a birthday celebration, but it has also become one of our favorite Christmas fudge recipes! Making this cake batter fudge recipe is super easy and you won’t even need a candy thermometer for this easy fudge. Swap out the rainbow sprinkles for red, green and white Christmas sprinkles for the perfect sweet and creamy Christmas fudge.

11. Cream Cheese Fudge

If you've never made fudge with the addition of cream cheese, consider this your inspiration! Our cream cheese fudge recipe is made with rich chocolate, chopped pistachios and the obligatory cream cheese creating a smooth, creamy fudge that's crazy good. As fudge recipes go, this one is soft and fluffy, plus it's crazy easy to make, which is always a bonus in my world.

12. Cinnamon Fudge Recipe

While particularly perfect during the holidays, this cinnamon fudge recipe is actually the perfect year round treat! Similar to a traditional fudge recipe, this cinnamon fudge is made with cinnamon chips instead of chocolate for incredible flavor, especially for those who prefer a treat other than chocolate. It makes a tasty and unexpected addition to your cookie trays this Christmas season.

13. Salted Caramel Fudge Recipe

There's a reason why people love salted caramel and this fudge recipe is the prefect example of a sweet meets salty treat! The sweetness of caramel paired with the bit of salt is a match made in heaven with this fudge recipe plus we took it a step further by adding a dash of espresso powder. This salted caramel fudge with mocha would also be a great gift to teachers for the holidays!

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