11 Simple Salmon Recipes We Totally Love

Cyd Converse

Hands down, salmon is one of the most flavorful and versatile varieties of fish so we love serving it just about anytime of day or night. It's so good!

Knowing how long to marinate salmon is helpful when determining how to prepare your salmon, but these simple salmon recipes are really all you need.

From smoked salmon to grilled salmon to roasted salmon, there's a crowd pleasing recipe here for just about any occasion and any day of the week. 

1. Lemon Basil Salmon Recipe

Our flavor-packed lemon basil salmon recipe is an easy yet elegant meal that's light, bright and perfect for any season. Make it on the grill or roast it in the oven in the winter. Either way the results are savory and totally delicious.

2. Smoked Salmon BLT Recipe

One of our favorite simple salmon recipes, this smoked salmon BLT recipe is a total delight. The standard bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich is upgraded with the addition of flavorful smoked salmon making an easy lunch or dinner.

3. Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Pastries Recipe

These smoked salmon avocado cream cheese pastries will seriously impress at your next gathering, but they're also fun to make for brunch. Homemade avocado cream cheese combined with smoked salmon, fresh herbs, and capers makes for a flavor explosion that is totally memorable.

4. Spicy Sesame Salmon Avocado Bowls Recipe

These spicy sesame salmon avocado bowls are a rich and hearty, loaded with Asian flavors that will not disappoint. Broiling the salmon gives it a crust that gives a wonderful texture to break up all the creamy avocado and fluffy rice.

5. Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Bagel Recipe

Our smoked salmon avocado cream cheese bagels are a new way to do breakfast or brunch. Instead of the default lox and bagel routine, switch to flavorful smoked salmon paired with creamy avocado, rich cream cheese, red onion and capers. It’s a twist on the beloved bagel that you'll absolutely love.

6. Grilled Salmon with Corn Avocado Salsa Recipe

This grilled salmon recipe served with corn avocado salsa brings a bunch of flavor and spice to the dinner table! The bright and flavorful salsa on top of a heartily spiced fish is a simple way to make the most of our favorite fresh flavors. This simple salmon recipe is going to become your new favorite dinner.

7. Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

A combination of casual and elegant, our savory smoked salmon dip is spread over bagel chips and tastes delicious. You can serve this dip for any party or gathering or serve it up as part of a charcuterie spread for an easy, tasty dinner.

8. Miso Glazed Salmon Recipe

Besides being insanely delicious and the perfect marriage of spicy Asian flavors, this miso glazed baked salmon recipe could not be easier. If you have 15 minutes, you can have swanky-tasting seafood for dinner any night of the week.

9. Salmon Tacos with Pineapple Salsa Recipe

Our salmon tacos with pineapple salsa are a light and fresh way to get your taco fix any day of the week. Made with jicama tortillas, you can easily make these salmon tacos with your preference of tortillas any time you need a tasty taco.

10. Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs Recipe

If you love deviled eggs, this smoked salmon deviled eggs recipe is one you can't miss! This leveled up twist on a classic deviled egg is great for parties, of course, but it's also great for prepping these protein-packed eggs to add to lunches and salads during the week.

11. Roasted Salmon with Everything Bagel Spice Recipe

It takes only two ingredients to make this delicious roasted salmon with everything bagel seasoning. No long grocery lists, no complicated prep and just 30 minutes until dinner is on the table! This is a delicious, simple salmon recipe.

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