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USA Loaf Pans are the perfect size for creating your favorite breads at home. At 8.5 x 4.5 inches, it bakes up tall sandwich breads and tasty quick breads.

Made of aluminized steel for even heating, the pan features corrugated sides that give extra strength and durability, preventing warping and denting. It also features rolled edges containing steel wires for even more strength.

Coated with Americoat, a nontoxic silicone coating, there’s no need to use extra grease on the pan. Americoat contains no PTFEs or PFOAs and is approved by the FDA, so you can rest easy knowing your breads are safe for the whole family.

USA Load Pans are made in Pennsylvania by American Pan, the largest worldwide manufacturer of commercial bakeware, so you know you’re getting a quality product appropriate for use in any level of kitchen.

Hand wash for best results.

USA Loaf Pans Recipes

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is an easy and moist gluten free quick bread perfect for a treat, snack, or breakfast. Whip it up to go with a cup of tea for sure!
Moist banana bread with swirls of Nutella. This is the true breakfast of champions. You will want to make this Nutella-swirled banana bread every day.
Gluten Free Turmeric Chocolate Chip Bread is the perfect snack for tea time or breakfast time. Start your day with something delicious!
This lemon cranberry bread is quick and easy to make. It's filled with tart cranberries in a sweet, lemon flavoured bread with a lemon glaze.
This chocolate cookie butter babka is filled with swirls of chocolate cookie butter. It’s the kind of bread that makes you wish you could live off bread alone.
Enjoy a slice of this Maple Pecan Banana Bread with your morning coffee. This sweet bread is a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack choice this fall.
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