Le Creuset Jelly Roll Pan

Le creuset jelly roll pan
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The Le Creuset Jelly Roll Pan is perfect for a wide variety of recipes, from cakes to cookies to roasting. At 12 inches wide by 16 3/4 inches long, the large size provides plenty of room for your baking needs.

The high sides allow for jelly rolls and sheet cakes to rise, and the wide rims have heat-resistant grips to make for easy movement to and from the oven.

Made out of heavy-gauge carbon steel, the pan won’t twist or warp from temperature changes. The metal maintains even heating for perfect baking without hot spots, and the nonstick coating means you’ll have cleanup time and more time for enjoying your recipes.

Exclusive to LeCreuset.com and Le Creuset stores, this jelly roll pan is your new go-to baking pan.

Le Creuset Jelly Roll Pan Recipes

This Garlic Rosemary Shrimp Sheet Pan Dinner is completely irresistible. Get ready for your new favorite Tuesday night dinner!
A crisp version of garlic bread, or at least that’s how I refer to garlic butter puff pastry pinwheels. They come together fast and are a delicious savory treat!
This Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chunk Granola is perfect for breakfast or snacking on in the afternoon. Pour it over Greek yogurt for a totally delicious start to the day.
Easy Puff Pastry Blueberry Knots can actually be made with any summer berry. You’ll love how quickly and easily these come together – just in time for brunch!
Homemade Twix Cookie Pops are a cute, bite-size lollipop version of the candy bar favorite! Chocolate, caramel, and crunchy cookie — in short, irresistible!
Spice up dinner with a simple but flavorful Sheet Pan Chicken and Squash dinner recipe! A delicious and easy meal to make with very few dishes to be cleaned up after dinner.
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