Grilled S'Mores: Dessert Dynamo

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Don’t turn that grill off! Keep it burning and whip up some quick Grilled S’mores for dessert tonight!

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As foodies and food bloggers, I feel like we are often striving to create amazing, over-the-top dishes. And sometimes those amazing, over-the-top dishes can take a bit of time to make. Now I really don’t mind spending time in the kitchen when I know that the time spent will pay off with a delicious meal or dessert, but sometimes I’m just over it.

Yup, I just want to sit down and order a pizza. This dessert is perfect for those kinds of nights! These Grilled S’mores are built and wrapped in individual foil wrappers, making them easy to transfer to and from the grill. (Plus, it’s fun for everyone to get their own dessert to unwrap!) And the best part? These bad boys can be made in about 8 minutes tops.

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While campfire s’mores are definitely the more common version, these Grilled S’mores feature the gooey deliciousness that we all love. And since they are made on the grill, they require very little work or mess!

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If you already have the grill going for burgers or hotdogs, then why not throw a few of these Grilled S’mores on the side once you’re done? Reduce the heat to low or put the pouches off to the side (not right above the coals) and come back in about 5 minutes. That’s it!

(Note: it’s important to keep the temperature low because these tasty treats will burn if you aren’t careful.)

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And now that the weather is getting colder, think about mixing up your s’mores just a bit to make them more festive. For instance, use Cinnamon Graham Crackers and York Peppermint Patties or Andes Mints for a fun holiday twist on this classic summer dessert.

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Grilled S'mores Recipe

    4 Servings


  • 4 Graham Crackers, each broken in half to make 8 squares
  • 1 Milk Chocolate Bar, broken into 4 pieces


  1. Heat grill to low. (Note: Low temperature is important! Anything hotter and the s’mores will burn.)
  2. Build the s’mores by placing 1 marshmallow and ¼ of the chocolate bar between two squares of graham crackers.
  3. Wrap each s’more loosely in aluminum foil.
  4. Grill on low or indirect heat for 4-5 minutes, or until marshmallow and chocolate are slightly melted.
  5. Unwrap and enjoy!
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