Our Top 5 Favorite Chili Recipes of All Time

Cyd Converse

Growing up I wasn't the biggest fan of chili. I don't think I'd grown into liking beans so well yet and I was never one for dishes overly heavy with red meat.

Now as an adult I realize that chili is so much more than the Wendy's chili my parents always ordered on the rare occasions we ate fast food as a kid.

A decided chili fan these days, these are our top 5 favorite chili recipes of all time. Make a batch of our skillet jalapeño cornbread, dig in and enjoy!

1. Instant Pot Cajun Chili Recipe

I love any recipe that you can make in the Instant Pot in a fraction of the traditional cook time and our Instant Pot cajun chili recipe is no exception to the rule! This chili is comforting, spicy, and so easy. Just add cornbread to make it a meal. This cajun chili is exactly what it sounds like, loaded with spicy notes of paprika and cayenne pepper, and packed with andouille sausage, ground chicken and tender shrimp.

2. Easy Three Bean Chocolate Chili Recipe

This easy three bean chocolate chili recipe is, by definition, one of the best chili recipes we've ever shared. Simple to make, quick to prepare and rich in flavor, the addition of coffee and chocolate extracts makes it truly unique and truly delicious. With the extracts and a pinch of cinnamon added to standard chili spices, this Chocolate Chili really is an explosion of delicious flavor!

3. Slow Cooker Creamy White Chicken Chili Recipe

If I am abundantly honest, any chili recipe that involves a slow cooker is my absolute favorite making this slow cooker creamy white chicken chili recipe a total winner. The combination of chicken, green chiles and beans along with the addition of cream cheese and heavy cream results in an incredible with just the right amount of spice. Plus being made in the slow cooker it’s the easiest recipe

4. Three Bean Veggie Chili Recipe

Our three bean vegetarian chili is bursting with flavor! It's easily one of our very best chili recipes. Borrowing from Indian cuisine, this vibrant and flavorful chili uses whole cumin and cinnamon in a tadka, and the rest of the ingredients follow. You will immediately smell how fragrant the spices are once they hit the oil and really start to sizzle.

5. Quick Texas Chili Recipe

An easy weeknight version of Texas chili, our fan favorite quick Texas chili recipe is hearty, comforting and a definite crowd pleaser. If you've never had it before, Texas chili does not have any beans or tomatoes, instead it is only beef and a homemade chili paste. This chili is thick and hearty with big chunks of beef in lieu of ground beef and a spice profile that really comes through.

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