15 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes to Make for Mom

Ryan Nadolny

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I bet you haven't gotten Mom anything yet, have you?! This is just like you to wait until the last minute. 

The good news is - Mom loves homemade gifts. So, why not make her one of these amazing recipes?! (Yes, food absolutely counts.)

With these Mother's Day brunch recipes you will confidently look like you actually had it together this year. Good job!

Now, get to cooking one of these amazing dishes and remind Mom why she did not leave you at a rest stop when you would not stop screaming for no reason on that one family road trip. (I kid, I kid.)

In all seriousness, to all of you mothers out there, I hope you are showered with gifts of love and adoration. Enjoy your day - you deserve it!

1. Nutella Pop Tarts Recipe

These homemade Nutella Pop Tarts are like eating pie for breakfast. And who can argue with that? Especially for Mom on Mother's Day! There’s absolutely no chance of these making it from my house to my mom’s house without me scarfing them all down. I suggest making two batches. I mean, it’s homemade Nutella stuffed pop-tarts with more Nutella ganache on top! Get out!

2. Toaster Oven Egg Bake Recipe

Can you crack an egg? Can you mix a few ingredients together and pour the contents into a baking pan? Congratulations, you can make this egg bake recipe without so much as breaking a sweat. The cottage cheese folded into whipped eggs makes this dish so decadent with a little bit of spice. A creamy and cheesy dish that fits in perfectly at brunch, right next to the mimosas!

3. Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Recipe

Don't miss the opportunity to wow Mom with this simple, yet amazing cream cheese bundt cake. If you did everything right, you should have a soft but dense cake and you will not believe how easy it was to make. I like to whip up a little vanilla glaze for the top, but you seriously do not even need it - the cake itself can stand alone, it's that good!

4. Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Bagel Recipe

Smoked salmon and cream cheese go together like milk and honey, peanut butter and jelly, and Noah & Ally. This is a no-fail Mother's Day brunch recipe that Mom can build to her own tastes. When topping your bagel, there are no rules. Do it up, Momma! It’s your day!

5. Gluten Free Mocha Muffins Recipe

With a good portion of people watching their gluten intake these days, it’s nice to know there are talented bakers out there creating recipes like these amazing gluten free mocha muffins. Just because you’re gluten free doesn’t mean you don’t like to indulge, am I right?! This simple, chocolate-based muffin recipe is infused with coffee for a simple addition to Mother's Day brunch that works equally as well as a make ahead breakfast.

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