13 Tasty Summer Potluck Recipes Your Friends Will Love

Cyd Converse

8. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Recipe

There is nothing - and I mean nothing - that screams summer more than these ice cream cone cupcakes! They are whimsical and joyful and a huge hit with the kids and the kids at heart. Because these use a box cake mix as the basis of the cupcake recipe they are even easier to make than you'd guess and you can switch up the colors, flavors and toppings to your liking.

9. Guacamole Wontons Recipe

I talk about these guacamole wontons a lot because they're just that good. We love them when we're having everyone over on game day, but I also love them for backyard gatherings and poolside parties. Crispy, salted wonton wrappers hold warm, homemade guacamole with a side of warm salsa or enchilada sauce for dipping. You will make these once and then you'll make them all the time.

10. Quinoa Greek Salad Recipe

This quinoa Greek salad recipe is another of those salads that is light, fresh and ideal for serving with grilled chicken, meats or seafood. I love Mediterranean flavors, especially in the warmer summer months, so this quinoa salad is right up my alley. The prep is so super easy and I've never brought home leftovers when I've brought it along to pass at a summer potluck.

11. Loaded Guacamole Recipe

Let's be clear - bringing a good homemade guacamole with you to a party is always a win. This loaded guacamole recipe in particular is a huge hit every time! The base is an easy guacamole recipe loaded up with all the toppings you could ever want. We're talking crumbled bacon, queso fresco, diced tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, jalapeño pepper slices and even green chiles!

12. Roasted Corn and Tomato Salad Recipe

The fan of a good summer salad that I am, I'd be remiss if I didn't give this roasted corn and tomato salad it's due. This easy chilled summer salad is bursting with fresh, bright flavors - it's perfect for serving as a side dish during the summer. It's amazing with grilled veggies, chicken, meats, fish or even seafood. Do your friends all a favor and make it for your next summer potluck!

13. Black Olive Tapenade Recipe

I love a good olive tapenade and this spicy black olive tapenade recipe is a Texas take on the classic appetizer. Black olives, cilantro and lime juice (instead of the standard basil and lemon juice) plus the addition of finely diced jalapeños results in one seriously flavorful and savory tapenade that's amazing served with bread, crackers, veggies - or even topping grilled chicken!

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