USA Pans 12-cup Muffin Pan

Usa pans 12 cup muffin pan
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The USA Pans Alumized Steel 12 Cup Cupcake/Muffin Pan is one tool you’ll reach for again and again in the kitchen. This commercial-grade pan is made of 65% recycled steel and designed with the same features as those in industrial pans. An oven workhorse, it features a corrugated surface that promotes air circulation, making your baked goods even better – and less likely to stick.

The pan is coated with Americoat, a natural nonstick silicone that is free from BPA and other harsh chemicals. Made in the USA, the aluminized steel construction and steel wires in the pan rim ensure strength and lessen warping, so your pans last even longer.

Whether you are making muffins, cupcakes, or miniature frittatas, your food will be more evenly cooked and cleanup is a breeze. A lifetime warranty ensures that the USA Pans Alumized Steel 12 Cup Cupcake/Muffin Pan will have a long-lasting home in your kitchen.

USA Pans 12-cup Muffin Pan Recipes

Savory Breakfast Muffins Recipe

Savory Breakfast Muffins make a great change of pace from all those pieces of cake masquerading as health food because they don't have frosting. Whip some up and start the day off right.

Vegan Carrot Muffins Recipe

Vegan Carrot Muffins make a great healthy snack. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or tea time!

Gluten Free Mocha Muffins Recipe

Gluten Free Mocha Muffins are a chocolate-based muffin made with coffee. It’s an easy gluten free muffin recipe to make and are a great make-ahead breakfast for busy mornings.

Glazed Chocolate Orange Muffins Recipe

These glazed chocolate orange muffins are super easy to make, and make the perfect after school snack for the kids! Perfect for the holidays!

Gluten Free Nutella Swirl Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Gluten Free Nutella Swirl Pumpkin Muffins are based on my favorite pumpkin muffin recipe and swirled with smooth and creamy Nutella. Hard to resist!

Lemon Coconut Muffins Recipe

These lemon coconut muffins make the perfect breakfast or snack. Easy to make, they freeze well, and everyone loves them. Perfect for breakfast on the go!
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