360 Bakeware Jelly Roll Pan

360 bakeware jelly roll pan
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The 360 Bakeware jelly roll pan is solidly constructed of three-ply stainless steel. It measures 13"x11", and is the perfect workhorse for all your baking needs.

Whether it's appetizers for a party or your Christmas yule log, this is the last jelly roll pan you'll ever buy. 

As with all 360 Bakeware, this pan is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. 

360 Bakeware Jelly Roll Pan Recipes

Miguelitos with Pumpkin Cream will whip up quickly, just in time for your impromptu dinner party. They’re perfect for fall.
These Baked Spicy Tindora Fries would make a delicious, gluten free, snack or side dish to your favorite burger! We bet you'll love 'em.
These Black Forest Pastry Cups are an elegant dessert that takes just a matter of minutes to bake up! Perfect for when you need something quick to serve!
Puff Pastry Apple Slab Pie is the stuff dreams are made of. Easier than just about any other apple pie there is!
These homemade Thin Mints cookies are so crazy delicious, easy to make, and taste just like the popular Girl Scouts cookies version. We know you’ll love them!
Fig breakfast cookies are a healthy and hearty grab-and-go breakfast. They’re easy to make ahead, too!
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