360 Bakeware Jelly Roll Pan

360 bakeware jelly roll pan
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The 360 Bakeware jelly roll pan is solidly constructed of three-ply stainless steel. It measures 13"x11", and is the perfect workhorse for all your baking needs.

Whether it's appetizers for a party or your Christmas yule log, this is the last jelly roll pan you'll ever buy. 

As with all 360 Bakeware, this pan is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. 

360 Bakeware Jelly Roll Pan Recipes

This easy focaccia with strawberries and feta is topped with balsamic glaze and makes the perfect side dish or light lunch. And the kids went crazy for it!
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Puff Pastry BBQ Chicken Pizza will make parents and kids happy! It's an easy weeknight dinner that everyone will love.
These lemon cookies are soft and chewy and absolutely delicious. Coat them in powdered sugar before baking for amazing crinkle cookies everyone will love!
These cinnamon roll cookies are the perfect slice and bake cookie in every single way. Buttery, rich cookies that taste and look just like your favorite breakfast!
Turmeric and spices turn your plain cauliflower into a vibrant side dish or snack. Deliver delicious turmeric roasted cauliflower to your table with this easy recipe.
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