What to Mix With Fireball

Cyd Converse

Wondering what to mix with Fireball? Here are 13 delicious ideas to try!

A red-hot blend of Canadian whisky, natural cinnamon spice and sweetness, Fireball is smooth and uniquely delicious!

Legend has it that it was invented by a Canadian bartender, who - having experienced some pretty chilly weather conditions - was looking for a way to warm up. He hit upon a fiery flavor combination guaranteed to provide relief from Arctic temperatures... and this crowd-pleasing flavored whisky was born!

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Fireball is great on the rocks

Unlike some whiskies, which only the truest aficionados dare drink as a straight shot, Fireball is sweet and perfectly delicious served on the rocks.

But that fiery sweetness is just what makes it mix so well too - so here are 13 killer combinations you'll love (just be sure not to try them all on the same day!).

1. Hard cider

A potent blend of cinnamon and sour, Fireball and cider work brilliantly together. Just combine 1 shot of Fireball with a pint of cider (warmed first, if you prefer). If you use Angry Orchard Cider, you'll have created an 'Angry Balls' cocktail!

2. Tea, honey and lemon

Everyone loves a hot toddy. So why not make yours even hotter, by adding a shot of Fireball?

3. Liqueurs

For a decadent treat, nothing beats a French Toast shot. Just mix Fireball with butterscotch and Irish cream liqueurs.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail Picture

4. RumChata

Who said cinnamon toast is just for breakfast? Mix Fireball with vanilla vodka and RumChata to create a Cinnamon Crunch Cocktail, bringing the flavors of breakfast to your evening (and a little more besides!). 

5. Red Bull

If you enjoy a Jägerbomb, then you'll LOVE an F-Bomb, which mixes Red Bull with Fireball, instead of Jägermeister.

6. Lemonade

The perfect summertime treat! Mix 1 part Fireball with 3 parts lemonade, pour over crushed ice, and enjoy.

7. Coke

Whisky and coke is an old favorite - Fireball and coke gives it an interesting twist. That cinnamon/coke combination is a unique flavor that's absolutely worth trying.

8. Hot chocolate

On a cold winter's night, nothing gives you a hug like a warm mug of hot chocolate. Nothing, that is, except for hot chocolate with a shot of Fireball! Truly an extra warm hug in a mug!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cocktail Photo

9. Ginger beer

Ginger and cinnamon made a red-hot duo. Are you brave enough to enjoy this spicy combination? 

10. Coffee

We all enjoy a nip of whisky in our coffee, so why not amp up the flavor with a shot of Fireball? Top with whipped cream for an indulgent treat.

11. Apple cider

Don't you just love the classic apple pie flavors of apple juice and cinnamon? This is a cocktail that tastes wonderfully refreshing served cold in the summer, or gives you that cosy feeling when served warm in the winter.  

Hot Pumpkin Pie Cocktail Pic

12. Orange juice

An unusual mixture, but one that works so well. Add a drop of maple syrup for best results.

13. Pineapple juice

Mix Fireball into fresh pineapple juice and serve in a glass with a brown sugar rim. Tip: If you grind the brown sugar a little, it will stick more easily to the rim of the glass.

Cyd is a native of Upstate New York, born to a family of women who love to cook and host parties. She shares her love of all things food, home and entertaining on her blog, The Sweetest Occasion and on Instagram.

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