How to Defrost Bread

Cyd Converse

Learn how to defrost bread! You can enjoy fresh-tasting bread every time.

Knowing how to defrost bread is life changing. Not even exaggerating.

Because, stale bread is lousy. Even day-old bread is lacking that special, freshly baked texture.

And, moldy bread (yuck!) needs to go in the trash.

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This editor hates wasting food. I got tired of having to toss old bread no one was eating.

So, I instituted a frozen-bread policy in my household. It’s a carefully worded document.

“Don’t leave that bread on the counter! Freeze it!”

It’s working fabulously. Now, when we want toast or a sandwich, we reach into the freezer and pull out a couple slices to defrost for fresh-tasting bread.

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It’s a beautiful thing.

How to Defrost Bread Slices

The best way to defrost bread is in the microwave, since it will produce the softest result. But, if you need toast, it makes sense to use the toaster method. If you don’t need a speedy solution, you can use the refrigerator method.

  • Microwave Method – Place your bread slices on a microwave-safe plate and cover them. Heat on high for 15-25 seconds, or until thawed.
  • Toaster Method – Place your frozen bread slices in your toaster, if they fit. Use the “defrost” setting, if your toaster has one, or just toast your bread as usual.
  • Refrigerator Method – Thaw a couple slices in the refrigerator. It will take two or three hours.
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How to Defrost a Loaf of Bread

If you’ve got a whole loaf, or a big section of one, the microwave method is best. Just add your bread to a microwave-safe plate, cover and heat in increments of 25 seconds on high. Or, you can thaw it overnight in the refrigerator.

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Can you defrost bread on the counter?

Yes, you can defrost bread on the counter, but there is a greater chance of it becoming dry and stale.

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How to Freeze Bread

It makes sense to slice your bread before freezing it, so you can just grab what you need. Place your bread slices in a resealable freezer bag, making sure to press out the air before closing it.

If you prefer to save a baguette or a whole loaf unsliced, you’ll need to make it fit into your freezer bag(s). You might have to cut the loaf in half or into large sections first.

Consider freezing the loaf in portions that will be eaten within a day or two when defrosted.

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Can Defrosted Bread be Refrozen?

Refreezing defrosted bread is not recommended. It will ruin the flavor and texture.

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