96 Servings

Tracy R. | Sugarcrafter Comments

Grape jam is the perfect homemade companion to your afternoon PB&J. This simple spread is worlds beyond any store-bought version.

Grape Jam
    80 Servings

Tracy R. | Sugarcrafter Comments

Hot peach jam is a sweet and spicy spread will liven up your larder! It's perfect spread on top of fresh cornbread muffins still warm from the oven.

Hot Peach Jam Packs Quite A Punch
    112 Servings

Megan Myers | Stetted Comments

Jalapeño Jelly is one of those recipes that's been around forever. It's a classic for a reason, and we adore Megan's version.

Jalapeño Jelly Everyone Loves
      56 Servings

Tracy R. | Sugarcrafter Comments

Blueberry lemon jam is amazing on its own; a true product of the best things about summer. Add in a Ball FreshTECH giveaway with lots of canning goodies, and you've got a great thing going!

Blueberry Lemon Jam & Ball FreshTECH Giveaway!
    64 Servings

Tracy R. | Sugarcrafter Comments

Well hello there! Today, I am super excited to review a great new product from Ball. Have you heard of their FreshTECH Automatic Jam...

FreshTECH Jam & Jelly Maker Review

Tracy R. | Sugarcrafter Comments

Strawberry Balsamic jam is a grown up kind of fruit spread. Lovely and complex, it's the perfect way to preserve summer, and is wonderful stirred into your favorite yogurt or spooned over the top of vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Balsamic Jam You Just Have to Try
    144 Servings

Tracy R. | Sugarcrafter Comments

Ever wondered if you could reduce the sugar in your jam? How about the role that sugar plays in your preserves? Today, our canning guru is discussing your sugar-related questions in another Canning Q&A!

Canning Q&A: How Does Sugar Work?

    80 Servings

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