9 Whiskey Recipes That You Can Eat OR Drink

Matt R.

A shot of whiskey is the fastest and easiest way to consume this beverage.

Pour it, drink it, move on with your day.

But if you wish to savor this alcoholic beverage a bit more, we've come up with a bunch of whiskey recipes that either include more elaborate drinks or full-on, tasty meals.

Scroll down to see what we mean:

1. Whiskey Raspberry Glazed Duck Breasts Recipe

Whiskey Raspberry Glazed Duck Breasts make for an elegant Valentine's dinner at home. The whiskey raspberry glaze makes them extra delicious.

2. Whiskey Mussels en Papillote Recipe

Whiskey Mussels en Papillote is an elegant dinner that takes no time at all. Plus, there's whiskey. How far wrong can you go?

3. Hot Buttered Whiskey Recipe

Hot buttered whiskey is a grown up night cap worth repeating. When it's cold outside, this is what you need!

4. Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream Recipe

Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream has booze in the mousse and topping. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

5. Blackberry Whiskey Sour Recipe

Blackberry Whiskey Sour welcomes spring in the most delightful and boozy way. Cheers!

6. Charred Orange Whiskey Recipe

A charred orange whiskey cocktail, you say? Oh yes - THIS is a cocktail worth cooking for.

7. Chocolate Waffles with Whiskey Butter Sauce Recipe

Chocolate Waffles with Whiskey Butter Sauce won't let you down. Sweet and boozy, you'll fall in love.

8. Raspberry Cider Whiskey Recipe

Raspberry Cider Whiskey is made with hard cider and whiskey. Add a little raspberry liqueur, and you're all set.

9. Chocolate Whiskey Marshmallows Recipe

Chocolate Whiskey Marshmallows are homemade boozy marshmallows you won't be able to resist. Perfect.

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