6 Uniquely Delicious Egg Sandwiches

Matt R.

You can order a bacon, egg and cheese at your local deli any time and likely enjoy a delicious meal.

We've certainly done that on a number of occasions.

But you could also mix it up on occasion and give the following egg sandwich recipes a try.

They each put a delicious twist on a classic breakfast...

1. Pancake Breakfast Sandwiches Recipe

Pancake Breakfast Sandwiches put an egg between two pancakes and call it dinner. Sausage and cheese really make this tasty!

2. Breakfast BLT Sandwich Recipe

Breakfast BLT Sandwich is a mouth-watering BLT for breakfast. Only with an egg and savory cream cheese!

3. Breakfast Dagwood Sandwich Recipe

Breakfast Dagwood Sandwich recreates the late night favorite from Denny's. For sharing or just for you!

4. Goetta Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Goetta Breakfast Sandwich is exactly what you want to sink your teeth into in the morning. Your whole family will love them!

5. Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwiches Recipe

Egg and cheese waffle sandwiches make breakfast totally portable! Made with refrigerated biscuits, they’re so easy to customize any way you crave.

6. Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Your own Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich, made at home! Customize it how you like, but the make-ahead aspect is awesome.

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