11 Ways to Have Delicious Fun with Funfetti

Matt R.

Ready to have some fun with Funfetti?

You don't need to rely on Pillsbury for recipes that utilize this sweet mixture of flavors.

Scroll down and then scroll around for a look at our favorite Funfetti recipes:

1. Frosted Flake Funfetti Cookies Recipe

Frosted Flake Funfetti Cookies are crazy and awe inspiring. Filled with crunchy Frosted Flakes and colorful sprinkles.

2. Funfetti Cookies Recipe

This Funfetti Cookie recipe is tasty and chewy... and involves sprinkles! Oh yes. Read on now.

3. Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe

Funfetti cupcakes mean party time. You can't resist the sprinkles, so don't try!

4. Funfetti Blondies Recipe

Funfetti blondies will be a hit at any party. Adults and children will love this whimsical dessert.

5. Gluten Free Funfetti Pancakes Recipe

Gluten Free Funfetti Pancakes will delight your morning with sprinkles. And gluten free, too!

6. Funfetti Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe

Funfetti sugar cookie bars with a delectable buttercream - hard to resist, right? So why try?

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