11 Sweet Potato Recipes That Go Beyond Marshmallows

Ryan Nadolny

7. Sheet Pan Sausage Dinner Recipe

Sheet pan dinners are all the rage right now. I love any recipe that reduces the number of dishes I must do. This is a no-fail dish and takes very little effort to put together. The sausage adds so much flavor to the veggies, while the sweet potatoes add a bit of sweetness to balance everything out. This will become a mainstay in your weeknight dinner rotation!

8. Sweet Potato Nachos Recipe

This is nacho typical recipe for nachos! (See what I did there? Ha! Ok, ok. I’ll see myself out). Baking or air frying thin slices of sweet potatoes is the perfect healthy snack. Step up your game and add your favorite taco toppings and seasonings. Lots of cheese is a given, corn and black beans are a must, and lots of hot sauce to make you feel alive!

9. Mexican Egg Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Food stuffed with other food is my love language. Make it healthy as well and I’m going to be one happy food blogger! This recipe takes a Mexican approach to it, but you can put whatever you want in your sweet potato boats. Ground sausage, pulled pork, gummy bears…the sky is the limit! (But the eggs are a mighty delicious option.)

10. Maple Tahini Grilled Sweet Potatoes Recipe

I love to grill non-meat items like watermelon, peaches, vegetables, and now these potatoes have been added to the list. Make sure you get your grates really hot, so you get the perfect sear. When I’m ready to turn them, I flip to an open spot to get another perfect sear. The maple syrup and cumin add a smokey, sweetness that is utterly delicious.

11. Sweet Potato Burrito Bowl Recipe

If you’ve been dying to try out your new spiralizer, then this dish is a great place to start. If you don’t have one, check the produce section at your local grocery store for packs of spiralized sweet potatoes. The poached egg and avocado give this dish a creamy texture and amazing flavor. At only 480 calories, you can go back for guiltless seconds!

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