Breakfast with the Easter Bunny Ideas You'll Love

Nicole Austin

Hop hop hop! The Easter bunny is ready to brunch with you.

My kids want nothing more than to start off a holiday the moment they wake up, which I completely understand.

I recall waking up at the crack of dawn (or earlier), anxious to open gifts, see what was in a stocking or a basket, put on my new special outfit, and of course see family I hadn’t seen in a few months. And on a holiday that immediately becomes hectic and busy, it only makes sense to start the day off with one of these fun breakfast with the Easter bunny ideas.

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After all, you want to know your kids are filled with more than just food coloring and sugar all day. (It makes us parents feel a little better, anyway…)

In that spirit, here are some awesome and festive ideas for your Easter breakfast (or Easter brunch) to bring a smile to little ones’ faces and maybe even start up a new, wonderful family tradition! The best part is these rely on simple ingredients you may already have on hand, they don't rely on sweet treats, and they offer an easy way to have a fun time with your Easter celebrations.

Bunny Butt Pancakes

Every parent knows it’s true… you’re going to make a kid of just about any age laugh with the imagery of a bunny’s little buns scurrying away. These super adorable pancakes are so easy to make, and cute to look at! To make bunny butt pancakes, start by mixing up your favorite flavor of pancakes.

(If you’re looking for some Easter-specific inspo, consider our carrot cake pancakes recipe!)

You will make one larger sized pancake, which will act as the base of the rabbit. Next, you will create two smaller pancakes, preferably oval-shaped.

Place the larger pancake on a plate of your choice. Then, put the two oval pancakes on top of the larger pancake but on the lower half, pointing slightly outward.

Now comes the fun part: making it look like a bunny’s bum!

A dollop of whipped cream at the top center will serve as the bunny tails. (You could also use cream cheese or vanilla yogurt on these adorable Easter bunny pancakes if you'd prefer!)

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Next, use fresh fruit to decorate the ovals, which are your bunny’s feet. I like using halved strawberries or round banana slices for the center foot padding, and small blueberries for the toes. Chocolate chips are another great idea.

With very few steps, minimal time, and almost no preparation, anyone can whip up a bunny’s bum breakfast in no time! (And some smiles, too.)

A great way to make the bunny’s butt all the more funny is by adding a trail of chocolate chip “droppings” to really elicit some giggles. (Nobody mentioned anything about kids having refined taste..)

Bunny Deviled Eggs

Get in the Easter spirit with a twist on classic deviled eggs! After all, deviled eggs are a delicious breakfast, appetizer, or side dish option for any occasion. But we’re going to look into making them even more fun for all ages!

To craft a super easy, charming bunny deviled egg, you will need hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, and toppings of your choice for decorating the bunnies. I suggest chives for whiskers, halved baby carrots for bunny ears, and capers as their eyes and noses.

Bring a dozen eggs to a gentle boil for 10 minutes, then allow them to rest in the hot water off the direct heat for approximately 5 minutes.

Prepare an ice bath by filling a glass bowl with ice and cold tap water, then place the eggs in the ice bath and allow them to sit for ten minutes. (This is a great trick to get your eggs to peel better!)

Peel the eggs and slice them in half lengthwise.

Remove the yolks and place in a medium-sized bowl. Mash with a fork, adding 4-5 Tbsp. mayonnaise and 1 tsp Dijon mustard until blended smoothly.

Fill the prepared egg whites with the yolk mixture using a spoon or a pastry bag. Now decorate the eyes, nose, whiskers, and ears!

Other ideas for decorative toppings: black olives, peppers, radish. Other ideas for ears: cut to size any of the following — celery sticks, pita bread, spinach or lettuce leaves, strips of fresh pepper.

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Easter Chick Deviled Eggs

Another cute idea is to boil your eggs in preparation for deviled eggs, but instead of cutting them in half lengthwise, cut off the top 1/3 of the egg. Set this top part aside.

Remove the yolk and prepare it as seen above to make a delicious, whipped filling for your deviled egg. Fill the lower portion of the hollowed egg with your yolk mixture, until it rises above the top of the egg.

Now, place the top of the egg that you had set aside on top of the deviled yolk filling in your egg. Use capers and a very small sliced carrot to adorn the filling with beady little eyes and a tiny beak — your eggs will look like a little chick that is hatching out of its shell! Too cute.

These will be the Easter eggs your kids remember for years to come!

Bacon and Eggs Bunny

If you’re looking to avoid a sweet breakfast (maybe because you know that hours of jelly beans are in your future), a bacon and eggs breakfast for Easter is hearty and filling without adding extra sugar to your morning.

You can prepare adorable sunny side up eggs in the frying pan and use the big, yellow yolk as a comically adorable nose for a bunny.

For ears, two strips of your favorite bacon can adorn the top of the egg. Tuck them underneath for an even more detailed presentation.

Blueberry eyes will be the first thing your kids pluck off their plate.

Use chives or thin strips of peeled string cheese to create whiskers and voila! Simple and low in sugar.

This bunny face may be the simplest, fun way to create a cute Easter breakfast for your little own little bunnies, and doesn't compromise on taste.

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Bunny Egg Bowl

If your young children are anything like mine, they will much prefer scrambled eggs to sunny side up. You can still make them a breakfast fit for an Easter king or queen!

Prepare your scrambled eggs as you prefer them, then place them in a small dessert or side dish bowl. Fill with eggs, leaving a small amount of room for toppings, and optionally add shredded cheese for added flavor, texture, or protein.

Take two prepared strips of bacon and tuck them in between the eggs and the side of the bowl on the top so they stick up like little rabbit ears.

Next, using berries of your choice, make eyes and a nose. You can then add whiskers as above; string cheese or chives make the best edible whiskers for this yummy egg recipe.

This should be pretty inoffensive to picky eaters and not too gimmicky for older kids who might roll their eyes at other Easter traditions.

Italian Easter Bread

Kids young and old will love being part of dyeing eggs in preparation for our Italian Easter bread recipe!

Tip: if you write on your eggs with white crayon, the wax will repel fluids in that area and create a beautiful white pattern while dyeing!

This bread is a fun event for the whole family and makes for a filling side to breakfast or a snack before Easter dinner or alongside Easter brunch.

If you’re looking to add some fun Easter breakfast ideas to add a little magic for your kids this time of year, hopefully these ideas can inspire you to start your Easter morning off right. Once you pick your themed breakfast approach, you can serve just about all of these with cinnamon rolls or a hash brown side — especially if your kids need a little more fuel before an Easter egg hunt.

Happy Easter from your friends at Food Fanatic!

Nicole is a self-published author of fiction novels, and a lover of food and spending time in the kitchen with her six children. She lives in coastal Maine where she loves exploring new recipes especially those that can save time, money and wow a crowd.

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