How Old is Too Old to Trick or Treat

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Wondering how old is too old to trick or treat? Read on!

If your kids are almost teenagers, you’ve probably begun thinking about when they’ll be too old for trick or treat. The reality is, you as a parent can make that call based on your children’s needs.

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Chances are, they’ll know when they’re ready to throw in the trick-or-treat towel. (Be sure to check if your community has trick-or-treating age limits.)

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This Gen X editor grew up in a time when it was frowned upon for anyone 14 or older to go trick or treating for Halloween. By that age, most kids would either stay home and give out candy or chaperone their younger siblings.

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Of course, there were always the 6-feet tall adolescent rebels who went door to door wearing masks and street clothes, trying to collect as much candy as possible.

The adults who answered the doorbells would chuckle sarcastically and throw a couple treats in their pillow cases, perhaps getting in a little reprimand.

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 “Aren’t you a bit old for trick or treating?”

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So, when I raised my own kids, I assumed they would retire from trick or treating by the time they reached high school.

To my surprise, they both kept going out in the neighborhood on Halloween, in full costumes with their friends, until they were perhaps 16 or 17.

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I didn’t protest though. I understood completely.

We live in a different world today. Kids nowadays are exposed to adult themes at younger ages, due to social media.

They’re under tremendous pressure to look and act older than they are.

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Sometimes, they need to cling a little longer to the innocent indulgences of childhood. If they’re not causing trouble, I say let them trick or treat as long as they need to (assuming they’ll stop before age 18)!

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And when they’re ready, they can join in on your Halloween bash!

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