11 Homemade Treats to Hand Out on Halloween

Matt R.

Trick or treat?

How about: trick or HOMEMADE treat?

That's right, it's time to show up your neighbors!

It's time to follow one of the following homemade candy recipes and take your Halloween guests by delicious surprise this year...

1. Monster Cookies Recipe

Monster Cookies combine chocolate, peanut butter, oats and candy in one cookie. A perfect addition to a lunch box!

2. Heath Bar Cookies Recipe

Heath Bar Cookies are full of buttery toffee and delicious melty chocolate. Betcha can't eat just one!

3. Rolo Cookie Bars Recipe

Rolo Cookie Bars are filled with Rolo candies. Chocolate caramel indulgence.

4. Nerds Popcorn Recipe

Nerds popcorn is your new favorite treat, we promise. Studded with your favorite fruity candies, it's hard to beat.

5. Butterfinger Cookie Sandwiches Recipe

Butterfinger Cookie Sandwiches are heaven for the Butterfinger lover. Two chewy cookies loaded with Butterfinger and a creamy peanut...

6. Chocolate Rum Balls Recipe

Chocolate Rum Balls will add a hearty kick to your cookie tray. Rum and chocolate cannot be beat!

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