7 Berry Delicious Raspberry Recipes Perfect for Summer

Cyd Converse

Growing up I loved spending time with my grandmother, but especially during the summer. Her gardens were epic, overflowing with flowers and veggies.

Along the back of my grandmother's wide lawn criss-crossed with rows of tomatoes and sprawling strawberry plants were thick rows of berry bushes.

I can remember vividly the sound of sun ripened raspberries as they'd topple into the stainless steel mixing bowl I'd use to gather them.

It was something I did often when Grandma asked me to run out and pick fresh berries to go with our breakfast or to make a sugary sweet shortcake.

Having lived a childhood of bare feet and berry stained fingertips, it's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of any and everything made with fresh local berries.

If you, like me, often have a bounty of berries to use up, these simple yet summery raspberry recipes are entirely delicious, but can also be adpated to make with just about any berry you might have on hand!

1. Raspberry Biscoff Crumb Bars Recipe

When I tell you that these raspberry bars are made with Biscoff spread (the cookie butter of my actual dreams), I know you'll already be convinced to make them. Bursting with loads of fresh raspberries, these simple yet stunningly delicious dessert bars are the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

2. Raspberry Mojito Recipe

A classic mojito is one of my favorite summer cocktails - a frozen raspberry mojito cocktail only levels up the game. Blended with rum, raspberries and fresh mint then topped with fresh blueberries in a glass with a sweet, sugary rim, these raspberry mojitos taste like an instant vacation.

3. Raspberry Lemon Blondies Recipe

Wildly quick and easy to make, these chewy raspberry lemon blondies are just the right mix of tart and sweet, all drenched in a sweet lemon glaze. The soft texture, the sweet fresh raspberries and loads of lemon will sing of summer as soon as you take your first bite.

4. Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

Any recipe that involves fresh berries, cheesecake and brownies is a recipe I personally have to try and these raspberry cheesecake brownies do not disappoint. Dense, chocolaty brownies are topped with raspberry swirled cheesecake, a combination that is utterly irresistible.

5. Brown Butter Raspberry Pie Blondies Recipe

These brown butter raspberry pie blondies are officially worth writing home to your grandmother about! They are a chewy, buttery revelation, topped with sweet, delicious raspberry pie filling and they're absolutely the perfect quick and easy summer dessert.

6. Peach Raspberry Margarita Recipe

Much like a good mojito, I'm a fan of a classic margarita on the rocks, but these frozen peach raspberry margaritas just scream summer. These frosty, refreshing drinks are even made with real fruit - juicy peach pairs perfectly with tart raspberries for these fruity margaritas.

7. Raspberry Lemon Cookie Bars Recipe

There's just something about the pairing of raspberry and lemon - it's a combination I can't resist, in part because it tastes so fresh and summery. These raspberry lemon cookie bars are actually soft lemon sugar cookie bars filled with raspberry jam that are good enough to actually melt in your mouth.

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