Cuisinart Elite Food Processor Review

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The Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Food Processor is a workhorse of a machine. It comes with 2 bowls in 12 cup and 4 cup sizes, and 5 blades.

The Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Food Processor is a workhorse of a machine. It comes with 2 bowls in 12 cup and 4 cup sizes, and 5 blades; slicing, shredding, small and large chopping blades, plus a dough blade for those bread bakers out there.

The machine is incredibly quiet, whether pulsing or on full-blast, no matter what we threw at it - from cucumbers to walnuts. We especially loved the dough blade, which made quick work of pizza dough, enough for two or three meals. 

Cuisinart Elite Food Processor

The smaller bowl fits inside the larger one for easy storage, and is great for small jobs like chopping nuts without dirtying the entire machine. The feed tube is large, we didn’t need to cut down a zucchini before feeding it through, though you may want to for different sized slices.

The Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Food Processor is heavy though, weighing in at 19 lbs. You may want to give it a permanent home on your countertop, or use it daily for the weightlifting benefits! We also found that the SealTight™ Advantage System could be a little misleading - even when the front of the machine is locked into place, you must double check the back side and press down hard, listening for a click, lest you become covered in flour or powdered sugar, if you happen to be making shortbread.


  • Quiet, even when chopping nuts
  • Large and small bowls for versatility
  • 5 blades for all manner of uses
  • Heavy, hard to move easily
  • SealTight™ lock misleading; clicks on the front, but could be unsealed towards the back of the machine.

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Cuisinart Elite Food Processor Review

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