Man Chugs Entire Bottle of Jack Daniels, Somehow Lives to Tell About It

Matt R.


Do not try the following act at home.

Or at work. Or on the street. Or at someone else's home.

Just... don't try this act anywhere. Please. It can result in serious physical pain or damage or even death.

The video features a man named Ernest Acosta. He’s sitting alongside a woman and also alongside a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey.

After giving a long speech (which includes a shout-out to Quentin Tarantino at one random point), Acosta cocks his head back and drinks the contents of the bottle.

All the contents of the bottle.

In one sitting.

"Ah! it hurts so bad!" he says soon after finishing the bottle, later adding:

"I don't feel good." 

We would not think so, no.

Still, Acosta must not have minded the ordeal all that much.

Because he took a shot of Fireball Whiskey soon afterward. Totally insane.

Watch it all unfold here:

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