9 Cocktails We’re Mixing Dad on Father’s Day

Cyd Converse

We aren't big on expensive, flashy gifts in our family — especially for occasions like Mother's Day or Father's Day. We'll take a handmade gift any day!

Give my husband a day to hang out at home, maybe play a little cornhole, and feast on a delicious yet simple Father's Day dinner and he's a happy dude.

This year we'll probably kick off the day with his favorite breakfast, homemade sausage gravy and biscuits, before doing a whole lot of nothing.

At some point we'll debate whether or not he should spend Father's Day mowing the lawn before I mix him a refreshing cocktail and set to making dinner.

That's where these cocktail recipes come into play! They're tasty, elevated enough to feel special, but simple enough to pair perfectly with backyard antics.

If you need more Father's Day meal ideas, check out our Editor Eric Ginsburg's list.

1. Pimm’s and Tonic Recipe

This Pimm's and tonic recipe has made more than one appearance on our back patio in recent summers! A refreshing, decidedly British spin on a classic gin and tonic, this cocktail is perfect for Father's Day. It checks all the boxes - it's easy to make, summery, and not overly sweet or tart. Dad will love it!

2. Bloody Mary Recipe

We are definitely a bloody mary kind of family and my husband especially loves them! While a great brunch cocktail, a classic bloody mary recipe such as this one has a place on the patio anytime of day. Serve one up to Dad with all his favorite garnishes and fixings - I personally love Cholula and pickle spears!

3. Gimlet Recipe

A simple, classy cocktail recipe featuring gin and lime, our gimlet recipe is bright, crisp and seriously delicious. Not only perfect for a hot summer day (such as Father's Day) this gimlet is a cinch to make. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add gin, fresh lime juice, and simple syrup then shake until well chilled.

4. Peach Raspberry Margarita Recipe

Every once in a while my husband totally gets down with a good frozen fruity drink like this peach raspberry margarita recipe. Father's Day is a celebration so why not bust out the blender and make it a party? These frosty, refreshing drinks are made with real fruit and good tequila, and they're always a hit.

5. Charred Orange Whiskey Recipe

If your partner or father loves a good whiskey drink, he'll feel super special if you make him this charred orange whiskey recipe on Father's Day. This charred orange whiskey is a spin on an old fashioned cocktail made with ginger liquor and sherry before being topped with a delicious slice of charred orange.

6. Traditional British Shandy Recipe

These days you can find bottled shandy just about anywhere you buy beer, but I still prefer this traditional British shandy recipe! A refreshing mix of lager beer and carbonated lemonade, it is the perfect refreshing summer beer drink. If Dad loves a good beer but isn't big on cocktails, try this one!

7. Ginger Brandy Old Fashioned Cocktail

You may have tried or heard of a brandy Old Fashioned, but chances are likely you may not have not tried a delicious ginger brandy Old Fashioned like this one! This recipe calls for candied ginger, which gives this drink its distinct flavor. It's a simple yet flavorful twist on the classic recipe that Dad is sure to enjoy.

8. Black Barrel Tequila Smash Recipe

This black barrel tequila smash will take your Father's Day cocktail hour to a whole other level. We also love how versatile it is! It can be made in several different way - swap out the booze, swap out the fruit and make it exactly to Dad's liking. What you basically need is a liquor, a fruit and a citrus. The result is delicious.

9. Lillet Spritzer with Honey and Rosemary Recipe

Our lillet spritzer recipe made with honey and rosemary is aromatic, smooth, and sophisticated. It's an absolute must try! Don't let the title fool ya. It may sound refined and kind of snobby, but this spritzer will bring even the strongest man to his knees. It's strong — uh, very strong. Father's Day carousers beware!

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