9 Ben & Jerry's Flavors You Never Knew Existed

Matt R.

Peace, Love, Ice Cream.

This is the motto Ben & Jerry's uses around the world. 

But, while the beloved company's core beliefs may remain the same in every part of the globe, its flavors differ a bit.

The following unique flavors, for instances, are not available in the United States. But we wish they were!

1. Maccha Made In Heaven

Maccha Made In Heaven
This green tea -based flavor is laced with caramelized pecans. Only available in shops in Tokyo, Japan, where there's a flavor lab.

2. Satisfy My Bowl

Satisfy My Bowl
A mixture of banana ice cream, caramel, cookie swirls and chocolate peace signs. Available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Ireland.

3. Pineapple Pine

Pineapple Pine
This tropical passion fruit ice cream - with pineapple chunks and raspberry swirl - is exclusive to the scoop shop in Tokyo, Japan.

4. A Cookie Affair/Clever Cookie

A Cookie Affair/Clever Cookie
Known as Mike & Cookies in the U.S., they call it A Cookie Affair in Australia and Clever Cookie in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Finland.

5. Murasaki Imotion

Murasaki Imotion
This salty-sweet flavor includes purple sweet potato ice cream with purple sweet potato chunks. Once agin, you need to visit Tokyo, Japan to get it.

6. Minter Wonderland

Minter Wonderland
Only available in the United Kingdom and Ireland during the holidays, this mint-packed ice cream is filled with chocolate chunks.

7. If I Had 1,000,000 Flavours

If I Had 1,000,000 Flavours
You're looking here at an incredible mash of chocolate and vanilla ice creams... fudge-covered toffee... white chocolate chunk... peanut butter cups... fudge-covered almonds and is available in Canada.

8. Joy to the Swirled

Joy to the Swirled
Smooth caramel and fudge swirls in vanilla ice cream can be bought in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

9. Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska
It may be named for an American state, but it is only available in the United Kingdom. This flavor is comprised of ice cream with marshmallow swirls and white chocolate polar bears.

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