12 Wine Bottle Labels That Tell It Like It is

Matt R.


The fine, hilarious folks over at Delicate Estates have come out with a series of wine labels that, quite simply, tell is like it is.

You never need a reason to crack open a bottle and finish it in one sitting, of course.

But these sum up succinctly the basis for why you may really need to do so tonight...

1. It's Your Birthday!

It's Your Birthday!
Holy $hit, it's your birthday, we should say. DRINK!

2. Yes, You Broke Up

Yes, You Broke Up
But, hey, there's wine!

3. Good Luck on Your Marriage!

Good Luck on Your Marriage!
And the whole thing about having sex with just one person for the rest of your life.

4. You Got Fired

You Got Fired
Now you have a lot more time to drink!

5. You're on a Cleanse?

You're on a Cleanse?
That doesn't include wine?!?

6. Here's a Profound Thought for You:

Here's a Profound Thought for You:

7. You Need Your Mommy Juice

You Need Your Mommy Juice
The kids will understand someday.

8. Drink As You Think

Drink As You Think
But don't think TOO long about the question.

9. It's Tuesday

It's Tuesday
Don't worry. We also have bottles for Wednesday and Thursday...

10. I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry
Accept this alcohol as a token of my... oh, good. That was easy.

11. You're Broke

You're Broke
But not fat!

12. Drink in 9 Months

Drink in 9 Months
And then drink A LOT of it.

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