NutriChef Vacuum Air Sealing System

Nutrichef vacuum air sealing system
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Save money and avoid food waste with the NutriChef vacuum air sealing system. Cooking and meal prep is faster, easier and more budget-friendly, allowing you to buy groceries in bulk and vacuum seal in smaller portions for freezer or storing.

Fresh ingredients like meats and vegetables will stay fresher longer in the freezer - no more freezer burned food covered in ice crystals! No more food going to waste in the refrigerator before it can be used.

The fully automatic system is easy to operte with an easy-to-read control panel, digital buttons and led indicator lights with two sealing modes.

Proven to preserve food up to 5 times as long as freezer bags or containers, the NutriChef Vacuum Sealer has been subjected to extensive testing to ensure extended shelf life.

Includes a complete starter kit including vacuum sealer, air suction hose, wine stopper cork, 5 medium vacuum bags and one extra long vacuum bag roll.

Product Dimensions: 6.07 x 14.18 x 3 inches
Product Weight: 2.94 pounds

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