How To Make Vinegar Cleaner at Home

Nicole Austin

Make our favorite vinegar cleaner at home quickly and inexpensively - it's a safe, non-toxic and efficient way to clean your kitchen!

It's no secret that I love to use vinegar to clean around the house. I love that it's non-toxic, super affordable and effective, saving me time and money.

Vinegar is safe to use around all ages and pets, is extremely inexpensive, and can help save time during extensive cleaning projects like cleaning appliances.

If you know how to clean a refrigerator with vinegar, you know it works like a charm - that's why you need to know how to make vinegar cleaner at home.

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I think a lot of people know how to clean a coffee maker with vinegar - it's easily one of the most common and widely known uses of vinegar cleaner.

Did you know that cleaning with vinegar across the board is one of the most effective ways to keep your kitchen clean without dropping a ton of cash? It is!

Over the last few years I learned how to clean a microwave with vinegar and even how to clean a Keurig coffee maker with vinegar. The uses are endless! You can even use it to clean rusty grill grates.

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How To Make Vinegar Cleaner at Home

Once you know how to make vinegar cleaner at home there's no going back! It's super quick and easy to do, plus it will save you money on expensive cleaners.

The simple, easy peasy process involves mixing a ratio of 1 part vinegar and 1 part warm water. Yes! It's that easy. (I'm not going to say I told you so but...)

I like to get an empty spray bottle in the cleaning section of the store and use it for the 50/50 mix so it's ready and set to use like other household cleaners.

If you’re going to leave it mixed, use room temperature distilled water. It stays fresh longer and lowers the chance of water marks from mineral deposits.

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Why Clean With Vinegar?

Vinegar is an acid, so it can easily cut through tough limescale and grease. There's simply no reason to buy something loaded with harsh chemicals.

Vinegar can also eliminate most bacteria and viruses on surfaces, which means that not only will your home appear to be clean, it will actually be sanitized!

In spaces without ventilation, vinegar is a safe cleaning solution. It will not be dangerous like ammonia or bleach but can do a lot of the same powerful work!

What Should Not Be Cleaned With Vinegar?

While vinegar is an excellent cleaner on most surfaces, it is not ideal on the following:

  • Granite, stone, or slate
  • Electronics such as computers, televisions, or cell phones
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Solid wood furniture

The acidity in vinegar can negatively impact finished surfaces and some other natural surfaces like stone due to its powerful nature.

Of course, is always wise to spot clean any surface in an inconspicuous area to be certain that the cleaner you are using is not going to have a negative impact.

You will want to check for staining, discoloration, or surface damage after a few hours - you can then move forward with cleaning as intended.

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What Is the Right Vinegar for Cleaning?

Experts recommend using white vinegar for cleaning. It is inexpensive and will not cause staining like wine-based vinegars or apple cider vinegars may.

There are vinegars made for cleaning purposes only, they contain larger amounts of acid which may not be appropriate for cleaning household items.

Industrial vinegar should be used as directed for specific equipment or other cleaning purposes, rather than for common household cleaning.

Is Distilled Vinegar the Same as White Vinegar?

Distilled and white vinegar are two distinct types of vinegar.

Distilled vinegar is best for cooking, flavoring, food preservation, and natural remedies. White vinegar is the best choice for cleaning and disinfecting.

Distilled vinegar contains less acid, with a 95 to 5 percent. This means that it is less effective for cleaning, and therefore not recommended.

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What Do You Need To Clean With Vinegar?

If you plan to clean your house with vinegar, you may want some common household cleaning items and tools are your disposal. Here are my favorite suggestions for the cleanest clean:

  • Microfiber cloths - These are excellent for wiping down post-cleaning, especially stainless steel
  • Washcloth - Reusable and easy to wash in the washing machine, these will help you clean without waste
  • 1-gallon bucket - Perfect for filling with warm water and vinegar to clean large spaces like flooring, showers, and more
  • Cleaning gloves - These will keep your hands from drying out while cleaning and will prevent burning sensations on cuts and abrasions
  • Spray bottle - Easily obtainable at your local department, hardware, or grocery store, empty and unused spray bottles do not contain other contaminants
  • Grout brush - Self-explanatory, this brush is intended for scouring grout but can be used for any surface that requires coarse cleaning
  • Toilet brush - Scrub all angles of your toilet easily

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