Coca-Cola Unleashes Dreamy New Flavor

Ryan Nadolny | Ryan Eats Everything

Coca-Cola Dreamworld, a soda meant to capture “technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious” is available now.

Coca-Cola released the final flavor of their limited edition beverage series for 2022 with an out of this world flavor they've dubbed Dreamworld.

The limited edition series launched earlier this year with the introduction of Starlight, which the company touted as “space flavored."

Following Starlight, the company released Byte, a flavor inspired by gaming.

The flavor was intended to invite you “to explore what pixels might taste like with a refreshingly new, yet deliciously familiar, Coke flavor experience.”

Coca-Cola Dreamworld Photo

Next up was Marshmello, inspired by world-renowned artist DJ Marshmello, boasting watermelon and strawberry mixed with classic Coca-Cola flavors.

The final edition from Coca-Cola Creations is “Dreamworld” which is said to “explore the realms of the surreal, the imaginary, and the otherworldly.”

Some that have tried it say it tastes like Coke Zero with a subtle peach flavor. Others say it has more tropical fruit notes. Kind of makes sense for a dream.

I was only able to test out the very first of the flavors, Starlight. Not having tasted "space" before, I didn't have much to compare it with.

That said, if Starlight is what space tastes like, I’m content with my feet firmly planted on Earth. A few sips were enough for me.

I thought it tasted like cotton candy with a slight mint flavor. Enough said.

The experience I had with the first limited edition flavor doesn’t give me much hope for the others. Also? I’m ok not knowing what pixels taste like.

Strawberry and watermelon mixed with Coke sounds awful, in my humble opinion. Fake fruit flavor just doesn’t do it for me.

I’m not sure what’s going on at Coca-Cola, but I think magic mushrooms may have been involved - or they have the best marketing team on the planet?

You can decide and be the judge there!

That said, if I can track down a bottle of Coca-Cola Dreamworld, I’ll try it (for research purposes only, of course) and report back with my findings.

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