9 Recipes to Get Cooking with Cast Iron

Megan Myers | Stetted

Grab your granny's cast iron pan and get cooking with these recipes!

What do you think of when someone says "cast iron cooking"? If it isn't the absolute best seared meat or flavorful cornbread from Nana's kitchen, you need to explore this returning trend!

Cast iron cooking has been coming back for a while, and with a variety of pans in shapes from the classic round to mini rectangular coquettes. You might have seen the latter on a trip to a Southern-inspired restaurant, but these dishes are good for more than just cute serving.

In fact, cast iron cooking has been used since approximately 200 BC. If that doesn't show the versatility and longetivity of these strong pans, I don't know what does. While nonstick pans jumped in popularity in recent decades, we all have a special place in our hearts for cast iron. They’re great for frying, baking, braising and searing, for everything from eggs to chicken to cakes.

We particularly like cast iron for one-pot cooking, and thanks to the high heat capabilities, we can move them from stovetop to oven in a flash, or even use them on the grill with ease. There’s practically no limits with cast iron cooking!

If you don’t already have a cast iron pan, snap one up at a garage sale, thrift store, or beg your granny for one of her treasures. Cast iron can be bought new, of course, but why not go with a pan that has been passed down through the ages, if you can? Even if you go with a new pan, years of continued use on cast iron will give you some of the best, most flavorful dishes to ever come out of your kitchen. So why not get started right now?

Be sure to watch the video on how to season your cast iron to ensure the best cooking experience!

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