The 10 Recipes to Help You Take Back That Hour

Megan Myers | Stetted Updated

While it's called Daylight Saving Time, it sure seems like we paid rather than deposited. Get our recipes to grab that time back.

It happens every year: the dreaded spring time change. Though we always know it's coming, we never get used to losing that precious hour of time. While the time change happens in the middle of the night, it's the rest of the day that suffers, all the way down to dinner time.

Happily, we know how to combat that lost hour: in the form of quick, easy, yet completely delicious recipes. Our ten favorites will have you happily noshing at the table as the sun sets, rather than still standing over the stove amid your family's squawks. From pasta to soup to comforting casseroles, these dishes will be ready before you can figure out how to reprogram the clock on your microwave.

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