12 Servings

Taylor Kiser | Food. Faith. Fitness. Comments

Chocolate protein bars are loaded with sweet chocolate, chewy oats, crunchy almonds and creamy almond butter! They make the perfect, healthy on-the-go snack or quick protein boost.

Chocolate Protein Bars Chock-Full of Almonds
    10 Servings

Taylor Kiser | Food. Faith. Fitness. Comments

Coconut lime bread is a Paleo-friendly snack with a little taste of the Summer. This loaf makes a great, quick and easy snack or on-the-go breakfast! It just happens to be gluten free too!

Coconut Lime Bread: Paleo Gluten Free Wonder
    12 Servings

Steph S. | ::steph chows:: Comments

This healthy blueberry bread is known around our house as "Loaf". We make it with any kind of berry, but blueberries are pretty awesome.

Healthy Blueberry Bread for Breakfast
    10 Servings

Allison Ruth | Some the Wiser Comments

Chicken Quinoa Salad made with pure maple syrup and delicious balsamic vinegar. Full of flavor, healthy eats perfect for summer!

Chicken Quinoa Salad: Healthy Eats
  10 Servings

Erin D. | Texanerin Baking Comments

Lemon pesto pasta made with lots of basil and garlic. You might not want to go on a date the next day, but your belly will be happy!

Lemon Pesto Pasta: Garlicky Fresh
    4 Servings
    24 Servings
    28 Servings
    5 Servings