30 Servings

Heather Tullos | Sugar Dish Me Comments

Healthy peach banana bread that's lightened up with applesauce and pureed bananas in place of butter. Each slice of this bread clocks in at just 89 calories!

Healthy Peach Banana Bread
    20 Servings

Allison Ruth | Some the Wiser Comments

These spiced pear mini muffins might be small, but don’t underestimate these tasty bite size snacks. With tender, juicy pears and granola topping, these little muffins pack a lot of flavor into a small, whole grain bite.

Spiced Pear Mini Muffins
      15 Servings

Kristy Still | Mommy Hates Cooking Comments

Gluten free baked onion rings are the answer to those deep-fried cravings you've had since you gave up gluten. Crisp, crunchy, and incredibly good.

Gluten Free Baked Onion Rings
    4 Servings

Hayley Parker | The Domestic Rebel Comments

Monster cookie dough pretzel sandwich mummy bites are completely adorable! These no-bake treats are fantastic for the Halloween party table - everyone will love them.

Monster Cookie Dough Pretzel Mummy Bites

Steph S. | ::steph chows:: Comments

Healthy s'mores that even the kids will want to chow. Dates and apple butter lighten them up just enough to make them a great healthy snack.

Healthy S'mores: Poppable Bites
  12 Servings

Christy Landry | My Invisible Crown Comments

Carne asada fries are a crazy good way to amp up your regular ol' French fries. Create a toppings bar so everyone's version is unique.

Carne Asada Fries: Make It a Party!
      4 Servings
    12 Servings

Allison Ruth | Some the Wiser Comments

Healthy Homemade Granola Bars are really something special. Great for after school, after work, with a cup of tea, or post-run, these are snacks with staying power.

Healthy Homemade Granola Bars: Lunchbox Love
    16 Servings

Taylor Kiser | Food. Faith. Fitness. Comments

Chocolate protein bars are loaded with sweet chocolate, chewy oats, crunchy almonds and creamy almond butter! They make the perfect, healthy on-the-go snack or quick protein boost.

Chocolate Protein Bars Chock-Full of Almonds
    10 Servings

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