Allison Ruth

Allison Ruth

Family Meals and Snack Fanatic

Allison Ruth, mama to three hungry girls and one hungry boy, blogs at Some the Wiser, where she takes life as it comes and tries to learn a little something as she goes. Living life deliberately isn’t easy, she admits, but it helps when you have good things to eat. With her kids by her side, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen making sure that family meals and snacks will become lifelong memories.

Allison's Recent Posts

      15 Servings


Fresh Berry Tacos combine fresh berries and a honey ricotta dressing in a taco. Try them for breakfast or dessert!

Fresh Berry Tacos
  3 Servings
    16 Servings
    24 Servings
  10 Servings
    6 Servings


Jicama fries are a great twist on the traditional side dish. Lime juice and plenty of spices make them a perfect pairing with fajitas or a torta.

Jicama Fries: Spiced Just Right
    4 Servings


Fig muffins stuffed full of good stuff, like white whole wheat flour and the bright flavors of lemon and mellow honey. Breakfast just got epic.

Fig Muffins with Honey & Lemon
    12 Servings
    4 Servings
    8 Servings

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